Letter From The Desk
Sometimes you just have to say it because people are a**holes. A Letter From The Desk of the site owner to address something important.
Letter From The Desk
A Letter From The Desk of Mac’s Opinion

A letter from the desk of the site owner.

letter from the desk of mac
letter from the desk

The site’s owner wanted to put something together for us to post for him, so on Thursday night we were told to wait to make any Friday posts. If you were wondering why nothing was posted on Friday, that is why.

People are a**holes, so sometimes you just have to say it. An explanation of how and why this site functions as well as a letter from the site owner to address a crucial issue. So this post will be filed under Rants.

This post isn’t directed at all of the site’s visitors; rather, it’s directed at a select group of individuals (you know who you are) who consistently try to cause trouble for the site’s owner, which ultimately causes a lot of trouble for the rest of the team. We know they’re watching, so this post is for them.

Dear A**holes:

A letter from the desk of The Real Mac Himself:

On Thursday I went to the RCMP to check in on an ongoing case that we’ve been dealing with since last summer. I got the information I was seeking but I was also informed about something else. It appears that a specific person—whose name we won’t mention here on the advice of legal counsel—filed a false police report against me. I wasn’t surprised because the individual is just that petty, vindictive, and spiteful to actually go to these crazy extremes in hopes to shift things in their favor.

Even though we had hoped that the cases that we already have against these people would have ended our relationship with them, it appears that they are still trying to cause issues for all of us here, so we are looking into the legal actions we can take in response to these accusations.

As a result, I requested that all moderators refrain from posting anything else until I had finished writing this letter outlining the various roles that each moderator plays on the site as well as how it functions and why it exists. It annoys me to even have to say this, but some a**holes just can’t help poking their noses into other people’s affairs.

Additionally, I’ve told the moderators to set all posts and YouTube videos that these people might assume are about them to Private. They are the kind of narcissist who, despite the fact that it isn’t true, believes that everything revolves around them. Legal also recommended doing this.

Now, the jobs played by everyone who works behind the scenes aren’t that unusual. They have requested to remain anonymous and to stay out of the drama these idiots are causing us. Which I will respect and comply with. The three who work on this website’s research and content also manage its social media presence. They prefer to be addressed as moderators. They are my team, I say.

The website and its domain belong to me. That’s it, I’ll leave the posting, video uploading, and other tasks to the team. From time to time, I’ll send one of them a text message or give them a thumb drive filled with a few articles I think they’d love to post on Mac’s Opinion. For me to do what they do right now, I don’t have the kind of time.

The posts are written using the pseudonym “Mac Himself,” and the entire brand is based on me. Building a presence is the goal of operating the site this way. If you’ve ever started a website, you’re probably aware of how time-consuming it can be. A significant amount of time is required for post-indexing to all of the major search engines in order to establish a presence there and have our site appear in the results of web searches. It takes a lot of time to share all the content on various popular social media platforms. So, yeah, I don’t have the time to do all of that, which is why I have a team to handle it all for me.

To thank the team for their efforts in increasing awareness of my brand, the website is monetized, and all profits are given to them. The benefit to them is that the faster the site expands, the more money they will make. They also say they enjoy doing this too, at least that’s what they’ve told me.

If the team’s efforts are successful, this site should undergo an incredible transformation around this time next year. I won’t reveal the specifics of these changes here because ideas are prone to change, but I’m sure the audience we build between now and then will be pleased with what we have in store. Up until that time, everyone will just have to wait patiently.

letter from the desk

So, to sum up, I hope this message makes it clear that I don’t manage this website or the associated social media accounts. I paid for the website, hosting, and domain. And to the idiots who are trying to attack me with baseless claims, please understand that their actions are having an impact on the people I care about who depend on this Brand succeeding, and we’ll take whatever legal action is necessary to keep them content and safe.

The Actual Mac Himself

A letter from the desk of the moderators:

The Actual Mac Himself stated that it would be acceptable for “The Moderators” to add more to this. We three agree that he covered all the ground that needed to be covered. We don’t want to get involved in the drama that these asshats are causing him and his girlfriend, but if it starts to negatively impact our ability to make money from this site and its social media connections, we won’t hesitate to take legal action. We are still experiencing the anxiety brought on by the recent news, despite the fact that we aren’t directly involved (yet), and it sucks that people are like that.

The Actual Mac Himself also asked us to clean up his letter using the Grammar and Spelling app that we use all the time. We also included links to words these people might not understand their meaning within the letter, that was not his idea, it was ours, which is our job here at Mac’s Opinion.

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3 thoughts on “A Letter From The Desk Of Mac’s Opinion – 2023/03/11 – Because Of Idiot People

  1. Site owner called this morning and told us that these people are at it again. Poor guys need a GoFund Me setup to help them move out of that area and away from these psychotic f**c wads!

  2. If it’s the same people I saw in another post, then they need to find a meaning to their life besides this bullshit. I don’t understand why people don’t like it when other people are happy. Their lives must be so shitty that they need to drag anyone they can down with them.
    I hope they get put in jail or are fined so much that they have to sell off all of their possessions in order to cover them, that way they might have to move to another low income property away from that neighbourhood. These people are deplorable and should be ashamed of themselves, but it seems that will never happen from what I’ve seen so far. Their self righteousness is pathetic.

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