Electronics in the future
Lots of Electronics In The Future for this site if all goes to plan.
Electronics in the future
Gonna need to buy a lot of electronics in the future for our upcoming plans.

Gonna need to buy a lot of electronics in the future for our upcoming plans.

buy electronics online

Oh Yeah?! That’s right, we’re planning on spreading our wings and taking off into the online life of streaming games, electronic gadgets for reviews, and also the art of propagating your plants indoors.

But before we get to that point, there are a lot of things we need to get a hold of before we even start. If we are going to start creating reviews in video and blog reviews, we’re going to need to start off with a computer. The computer we’re using now just isn’t going to be good enough for what we need, heck this old computer isn’t even good enough for what we’re doing right now.

What we’ll need to even start.

a computer
The computer I want/need

So in order to be creative with media we use programs like Photoshop, Adobe Premier, and streaming applications, so we’re going to need something with a lot of horses under the hood. A powerhouse PC if you will.

So the computer we need will be something like this Alienware one. It’s got all the specs needed for media projects that we will be needing to tackle and with something like this we won’t have to waste hours and hours waiting for the video to render, and of course, it will be perfect for gaming also. I’m sure there wouldn’t be any issues with network lag on this puppy!

electronic gadgets
Electronic gadgets

And with that nice desktop computer, we’re going to need a very good monitor to go along with it. Something large enough to handle multiple windows open and still have those windows viewable. And the quality has to be perfect when it comes to photoshopping and video editing. I was hoping that we could get one of them, large curved monitors when we have the chance.

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High-quality mics and headphones

If we’re going to be doing video reviews and live-streaming our gaming adventures, we’re not going to want to be tethered to a mic or use some crappy office microphone that will make us sound like we’re in a tin room. No, we’re going to need something that will sound professional and clean if we’re going to want people to keep listening to us so they’re not annoyed by some crappy audio mix from a garage microphone. Top-of-the-line microphones for this tech nut.

We’re also going to need some really good headphones so we can play our games and not disturb one another. I don’t like having those earbuds in my ears for long periods, so I am looking at getting some headphones that I find are very comfortable.

Where to get all this stuff?

There aren’t many places to buy electronics near me, and the only electronics company we have is The Source. And even they don’t carry anything useful for what we will be needing. They seem to be more focused on selling cell phones and calling plans. Man, I miss the old Radio Shack.

So if there aren’t many places to buy electronics near me and the only electronics company we have here is The Source, we’re going to do all our shopping online. We usually find better Deals on Amazon most of the time anyway. I would support local shops, but whenever we go to them, they never have what we need and what they do have is marked up way too high and most of the time you can find it for half the price online shopping.

We’re still trying to pay down some bills before we start these purchases, so that’s why we’re waiting until the New Year to get into that chapter. If all goes according to plan, things should be really interesting and we hope it will be something we can keep doing for a very long time.

We’re already writing reviews and doing video reviews, but if we want to get into pumping out more and more each day, our current system just isn’t going to let us do that because it is so slow which would result in most of our time waiting instead of creating.

If you’re interested in doing the same thing, the links we provided above are great for anyone getting started.

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