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Hey, this all looks nice and clean now right? Or you’re thinking, “Is this the same blog I was to the other day?”

YES! It’s nice and clean and no it is NOT the same blog you were on the other day, because it just got better!


XML right? 
Well, holy frigging cow! It’s not your easy HTML sh*t, right?!! Or HTML5 stuff.
The whole thing kind of reminded me of the old Commodore 64 code. You know, the stuff you wrote line by line. (IF THEN GOTO) LOL!
But XML is way more complicated than that, right nerds! Yeah, I said that before you could. Heh heh *snort*  ha *grunt* *snort*.
It’s all fairly new to me and after this endeavor. I don’t think I’ll be continuing it because it’s just so confusingly MESSY! I educated myself WAAAAY back when Microsoft started using the 1970’s cascading stylesheets format on its web pages, but just didn’t like it then, and still don’t.

I like modules. If I want an entity to be someplace on a page. I want to say, “put module here.” and then have said module in another file or command, that’s it!
None of this if, then crap!

Anyway. Let me know in the comments if things are off. Or displaying wrong to you. Include your browser and version, Operating system to make things easier for me. If you’re a coder, let me know how to fix whatever you see broken.

Hopefully, I can get this blog thing going again.

PS: YES, this is a drunk post! *hic*

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