I have so much to do and ain't nobody got time for that is the attitude that overwhelms me all the time. Times like these you wish you could afford a servant.

Nobody Got Time At All These Days It Seems

nobody got time

So you know the saying that sh*t happens in threes? Well, I think whoever made that saying up gave up after just three because it seems like it’s just one thing after another for me lately. And nobody got time for that!

So this laptop that I use for practically everything seems to just want to crap itself whenever I have to do something that needs graphic and processing power. I can’t even edit a video in Premier because it just won’t scrub the video smooth enough and gets way too choppy making it unusable.

I have to take my saved work over to an older laptop in order to be able to do anything, and even on that one it still lacks memory. This thing nearly sh*ts itself if I try and play a 1080p video on it. Get’s so choppy.

If it’s not one thing, it’s another.

melting clocks

I’ve been saving videos on the dash cam of people being idiots and was planning on making a compilation video of people being stupid but when I pulled the memory card and tried to transfer the files, the card was empty. Nobody got time for that!

Yeah, so I have apparently been driving around with a dashcam that hasn’t been even recording at all. It would have been the streak of bad luck if I needed video footage for insurance purposes if something should have happened to the car now wouldn’t it? It’s these things that seem to pile up and it just infuriates me.

It may have been the extreme heat that caused it to fail. So now I take it out of the window when I’m parked in the sun. But nobody got time for that! Going to get a new dashcam because I can’t put any trust in this one that craps out all the time. I have my eye on This Dashcam, the reviews look promising.

Sure I can be a little salty


Yeah, yeah, yeah, all this ranting can make me out to be an old salty grump, but when you constantly have sh*t crapping out on you, day in and day out, you start to get a bit ticked off and nobody got time for that! And besides, venting here on my blog actually makes me feel better. So don’t take that away from me. LOL!

I still have a lot to do, with so little time.

I ripped out the carpet from the hallway and exposed some lovely linoleum underneath it. That was sarcasm, that floor looks ugly! I have some new floor panels that have been sitting on the porch floor for almost a year because I either don’t have the time or no motivation to put them down.

hallway floor
Hallway Floor

The thought of crawling around on the floor fitting the panels together, getting up and cutting them to fit, and then back crawling on the floor again makes me ache just thinking about it. But I would like to get that project done and out of the way, but nobody got time for that, yet.

I still have to complete the propagation wall that I’ve been putting off for weeks on end. Seems like when I make plans for that, something happens, like a computer crashing, a camera failing, or redneck neighbours causing trouble and I lose any motivation to do anything.

I think they call that depression and anxiety.



So maybe I should create a planner, right? Pffft! Nobody got time for that! A planner would even get screwed up because too much crap happens to blow everything out of whack.

I’ll just keep on keeping on, jump through the hoops, and take things in stride day by day. That’s all I can do.

Unless we win the lottery and can afford to hire a person to do the things that need to be done, I’ll just keep on doing what I’m doing now. Coping and going with the flow.

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