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I put together a couple of examples of some Amazingly Bad Drivers. How there people are allowed to drive confuses me. These idiots need their licenses revoked

Too Many Bad Drivers On The Road Lately

Mac's Opinion - The place where everyone is entitled to my opinion
Bad Drivers

Here are just a couple of videos caught on my dashcam of some really crappy drivers. I would have a 10-minute video if my dashcam didn’t crap out on me causing me to lose all the saved idiot drivers I caught on camera.

Watch The Video Below…

The Breakdown

The first driver in the Pickup Truck cuts out in front of me while I’m barreling down the road at over 80Kph causing me to tramp onto the breaks slowing me down to 60Kph. Unfortunately, the fisheye camera lens has such a wide-angle view, that the truck looks a lot further away than it actually is. At that same moment, the idiot driver of the truck nearly has that car coming in the opposite direction nearly T-Bone him.

The second Idiot driver in the video doesn’t seem to know how to wait his turn. There were some construction trucks and trailers on the road and instead of just waiting until it was safe to pass by them, the idiot driver just plows straight through, crossing the center line and almost running me off the road.

Some would argue that I should have moved over to let him bye, but I’m not going to drive onto the shoulder of the road and put myself and my passengers in danger. I’ve lost a good friend because he did just that and the shoulder came loose and he crashed into the ditch killing himself. That idiot driver was supposed to stop if he could not safely pass the obstacles on his side of the road.

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