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Hello, I’m a Web Designer who had some unforeseen circumstances that caused me to have to give up my job and career. But now I’m able to get back into the game but I’m WAY behind in the latest Design and Development skills used today.
I have been asked to approach people working in the Graphic Design and Web Development field (Preferably in Canada – If you are please mention that) because I am looking for financial support and they need me to do some research of the people working in Graphic Design and Web Development fields today.
If you could, please take 5 minutes to answer the following research question below, it would be greatly appreciated. Some of these questions could be a bit personal, so if you would prefer to Direct Message me that would be fine, in fact I’d rather that anyway. Some of the questions may seem a bit redundant and inapplicable but the people asking for them want them anyway, so any answer you can give that is meaningful will be fine.
Here are the questions below, and thank you for taking the time to help me out, this means a lot to me.
Your name:______________________________
Company and Your Title:____________________
1. On a typical day in this position, what do you do?
2. What training or education is required for this type of work?
3. Where have you received your training to work in this field?
4. What personal qualities or abilities are important to being successful in this job?
5. What pert of the job do you enjoy the most?
6. What part of the job do you dislike the most?
7. What does a person starting out in this occupation generally do?
8. What are the salaries ranges for various levels in this field?
9. Is there a demand for people in this occupation?
10. What special advice would you give a person entering this field?
11. How did you find your job?
12. Who would you recommend I speak with in order to gather additional information?
13. OTHER: Any additional info that you feel might help me out.
Thanks for all your help, the time you’ve taken to answer these questions is greatly appreciated.

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