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Walrus Killed Feature

These People Are Disgusting And Stupid and Should Be Ashamed

Freya the Walrus

People are disgusting and stupid and this is why I hate people.

People Are Disgusting

Death by selfie is what I call this heinous crime against nature all because people are disgusting and they just had to get that selfie with Faya the walrus despite authorities issuing warnings to stay away from the wild animal.

Norwegian authorities have announced the euthanasia of a famous female walrus, affectionately nicknamed Freya after the Norse goddess of beauty. Freya the walrus, a protected species, captured public attention after being continually spotted lounging on small boats in the Oslo Fjord, with her enormous 600-kilogram (1,320-pound) weight often causing them to sink.

Oslo residents had been warned not to get too close to the massive marine mammal. However, those warnings were ignored because people are disgusting and stupid.

According to the BBC, Oslo Police were forced to block off a bathing area after our chunky goddess chased a stupid and selfish woman into the water.

Norway’s fisheries ministry released a photo last week of a large group of idiots, including children, that were standing close enough to touch the gigantic animal. Because People are disgusting and stupid.

Walrus Killed Feature

The Backlash

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This Neighbor Thinks He Owns The Street – Still Surrounded By Idiots Pt.2

We’re still surrounded by idiots

still surrounded by idiots

Is there such thing as Idiot Repellant? If there is we really could use a large supply of it. I just can’t seem to go a few days without being confronted by raging lunatics.

There must be something in the water because I’m surrounded by idiots. Good thing we drink bottled water.

So they think the roadway is their property.

Mac's Opinion - Blogger Reviews

My neighbor thinks he owns the roadway and that it’s his property. The very roadway everyone needs to drive on in order to get to their homes. I am still surrounded by idiots and I just want to be rid of them and their bullshit!

The traffic circle in the front of our home is not wide enough to make a full turn, so I have to use the whole thing to turn in our SUV. On this day there were kids playing in the street, which by the way is a violation of the Parks Lease Agreement, and I had to drive around them and continued driving the traffic circle.

Well, I was accused of driving two feet from them and almost hitting them and also almost hitting a bike (motorcycle). None of this is true. Watch the video.

Watch the video documented below.

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Awesome 1,000 Views Milestone!

Just Hit The 1K Views Milestone!

1000 views milestone

Wow! In just over 20 something days this site has already had over 1,000 views since I moved it to a new platform!

I just only recently moved this site from the Blogger platform because Blogger does a terrible job indexing the posts on the search engines, no matter what I did for SEO.

It’s all happening so fast!

Facebook Scam Feature

Facebook Scam Ads Are Really Bad Now

I Once Fell For A Facebook Scam

Facebook Scam

I once fell victim to a Facebook Scam and yes it is embarrassing to actually admit to it. It was a Facebook Scam Add that was for a drone that was very convincing. I was actually on Amazon searching for Drones, and you know how good Facebook is when it comes to snooping into your search history. Facebook decided to fill my feed with Drone Ads.

Facebook Scam

The Facebook Scam Ad looked really legitimate and it was actually the first time that a Facebook ad actually got me to click the link.

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I’m Completely Surrounded By Idiots!

Apparently, I am The Annoying Person Because I complain Too Much.

Are Effing Kidding Me?

So I have been told that I constantly complain about everyone around our home. Yes, I do, but that’s because I’m surrounded by idiots!

If I have to constantly pick up your trash that ends up on our property, I will have to bring it up and submit a complaint about your trash ending up on our lawn.

But I’m the one in the wrong here for some strange reason. I’m the asshole because I don’t feel like having to pick up other grown-ass adults’ trash from our lawn.

“Why didn’t you just come and tell us?” is what they always say. I am not your parent. You are a grown-ass adult and should know better than to throw your trash all over the place. I shouldn’t have to be the one to go out of my way and come and tell you to pick up your trash. You should know better.

I’m surrounded by Idiots!

Minecraft Duplication Glitch

Amazingly Easy Minecraft Duplication Glitch Version 1.19.20

Duplicate Any Item With This Minecraft Duplication Glitch! Version 1.19.20

Minecraft Duplication Glitch

Easy Minecraft Bedrock Duplication glitch that will duplicate any item you can put into a chest. Currently working as of 1.19.20 on the PS5. Commenters confirmed that it works on XBOX and PE. The gameplay was recorded on the PlayStation 5. I posted this glitch in a previous post, but in this one, I’ve added a few more details for you to follow along with.

Why Use this Minecraft Duplication Glitch? Well, if I need a bunch of shards, I don’t have the time to wait around for them all to grow. If there’s one thing I hate the most, is waiting!

I still do the mining of materials, because Minecraft would get pretty boring if I just duplicated everything. Or if I’m low on a block and I just don’t feel like or have the time to go search for it, I’ll save myself several hours and use this Minecraft Duplication Glitch. Yes, it’s still considered cheating, but I like to think of it as constructive cheating because it’s both constructive and a time saver. At least that is what I tell myself anyway, LOL!

*** PLEASE Backup your saved games before trying any glitches.***

Watch The Video Below and Follow The Instructions

Handwritten cards feature

Handwritten Cards Always Show That You Care

handwritten cards

Handwritten Cards Are Personal

I think handwritten cards are way better than those generic letterheads that are typed out or those canned responses companies use from their pile of prewritten corporate letters, they’re just so impersonal, but a handwritten card is a lot more personal.

Before I tell you why I feel this way I just want to put it into perspective because I have had personal experience with receiving a handwritten card during a very hard time I was having.

TV show feature

What’s Hot Right Now For TV Shows?

tv show

Lots Of TV Shows To Watch!

So many TV Shows to watch and so very little time to watch them all. Am I right? Of course, I am and that’s my opinion and you’re entitled to it.

Where to begin? I am a huge fan of Sci-Fi and just one reality TV show called Survivor. I also enjoy comedy and thriller shows. Not a fan of romance and drama, they just bore me to sleep. Sorry ladies, I’m not a romantic guy. It’s gotta be action or it’s not for me.

Below are just 5 of many that I am currently watching and strongly recommend.

Propagation Wall Featued Image

Check Out This Easy DIY Plant Propagation Wall

Propagation Wall DIY

So What Is A Propagation Wall?

Well, first let’s find out what propagation is. Propagation is essentially creating new plants from existing plants, commonly known as Mother Plants. You can simply just cut a stem or stalk off of a plant, stick it in water, and it should eventually produce roots! You just created FREE PLANTS! Creating a propagation wall allows you to take this storage vertical instead of clogging up space elsewhere. This version is a very easy DIY wall with very little cost to you.

What You’ll Need To Get Started.

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My Road Rage Is Triggered Because Of Idiot Drivers

Road Rage

My Road Rage Is Triggered By Idiots!

I don’t know about you but it seems to me that there are a lot more Idiots Driving the roads than normal these days.

If it’s not Idiot Drivers Cutting Me Off, or nearly running me off the road, it’s the idiot drivers who break and slow down miles before their turnoff. Especially the places where they actually provide a long piece of the road for you to turn off and decelerate. This is what triggers my road rage!

If I Had My Way

If I were given the powers to press a button and disable an idiot’s car and walk up to them and slap them across the head with a driver’s Manual, I wouldn’t be triggered into road rage situations anymore.

If I Can’t Beat Sense Into Their Empty Skulls, Then…

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