Easyfinancial: The Comedy Show of Personal Loans - 5 Reasons to Avoid the Financial Fiasco
Easyfinancial Loans: A comical disaster zone you'd be wise to avoid. Say no to drama and porcupines in balloon factories!

Top 5 Reasons to Steer Clear of Easyfinancial Loans (Unless You’re a Fan of Random Fees and Questionable Advice)

Looking for a bad financial decision? Easyfinancial Loans might just be your ticket to frustration and regret. Here are five “comical” reasons to avoid them like the plague:

  1. Surprise Fees Galore: Who doesn’t love a good mystery fee? With Easyfinancial Loans, you never know what delightful surprise might pop up on your bill.
  2. Questionable Financial Advice: Need some truly unique financial advice? Look no further! Easyfinancial Loans has a knack for offering advice that’s, shall we say, creatively unconventional.
  3. Fine Print Fiascos: Get ready to squint and strain your eyes as you delve into the abyss of tiny, convoluted fine print. Fun times are guaranteed!
  4. Customer Service… or Lack Thereof: Ever dreamed of being on hold for hours or getting vague, unhelpful responses? Easyfinancial Loans can make your dreams come true!
  5. The Inet-eresting Interest Rates: Embrace the thrill of shockingly high-interest rates that’ll have you doing a double take.

Remember, when it comes to Easyfinancial Loans, the crying never stops (unfortunately). Stick around if you’re a fan of financial comedy – or run for the hills if you value your sanity!

I got this email from them

I recently received this hilarious email from those loan sharks over at EasyFinancial. They’re practically on their knees, begging me to join their noble cause against the big bad government. Why, you ask? Because they’re upset that the government wants to make it illegal for them to slap customers with insane interest rates. Apparently, they’re worried that they won’t be able to buy their next luxury yacht! Oh, the humanity.

I’m delighted to announce that I am finally free from any outstanding balance with that company. I’ve decided that even if I find myself in a situation where I’m desperate for cash, I’d rather take my chances elsewhere. It’s a classic case of “fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me”! This company’s operation should come with a warning label – not only will they take back what you borrowed, but they might just sneak back for double!

I consider myself super lucky because my girlfriend managed to wrangle a loan from her bank, allowing us to bid EasyFinancial a not-so-fond farewell. We were forking over around $300 a month, but it felt like only a measly $20 of that was actually chipping away at the principal amount. Let’s just say, there was no chance we’d be throwing a retirement party for that EF’ing loan. Thanks to the bank loan, we waved goodbye to it in just over a year. Take that, financial fiasco!

easyfinancial loan sharks

Here’s the e-mail if the link above decides to take a vacation and leave you hanging.

Mac's Opinion - The place where everyone is entitled to my opinion
Dear MacsOpinion,
We are writing to you today, as one of over 300 member companies of the “Canadian Lenders Association”, an organization that represents nearly the entire Canadian lending industry and its consumers.

This email is to inform you that the Government of Canada has announced a recent legal change that may affect your ability to qualify for a loan in the future.

The Government of Canada announced that they will be lowering the allowable rate of interest, which directly affects the number of borrowers that lenders can qualify for a loan. This change results in lenders having to deny many borrowers and removes your freedom to make the decision to borrow for yourself.

What does this mean?

While on the surface, reducing the maximum allowable interest rate may sound helpful, this change in fact means many borrowers may no longer be able to access a loan in the future, including from other regulated lenders across Canada. These changes will potentially make the loans from lenders like us unavailable for millions of Canadians.

As a result, consumers may have to rely on other sources of credit, such as expensive payday loans, which often cost more than 6 times the price of a loan from us.

You can help!

If the risk of losing access to a loan in the future concerns you, click on the YES button below and the Canadian Lenders Association will send an email on your behalf, to your local Member of Parliament and Canada’s Minister of Finance, to explain that losing access to a loan will make life less affordable and could put Canadians in a worse financial position.

Express your desire for the freedom to make your own financial decisions by clicking below!

Yes, I am concerned about losing access to credit and want to send a letter to my Member of Parliament: YES (F**K NO!)
What is easyfinancial doing to help?

easyfinancial and the Canadian Lenders Association have been actively discussing this matter with the Government of Canada for over 2 years. We believe that this policy decision is harmful for Canadians. Despite these developments, we remain committed to providing our customers with the opportunity to access a loan and rebuild their credit. We intend to continue advocating on your behalf and will continue to approve as many borrowers as possible.

Please note that if you have an existing loan with us, there is no impact to your current loan and no additional action is required at this time.

Thank you for your support in helping us fight for your right to obtain a loan. Like you, millions of Canadians rely on us to help meet their financial needs and achieve their financial goals, and we want to ensure you can continue to have the freedom to take out a loan that meets your needs.

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding the content of this email, please contact your local branch.


   By clicking on the YES button above, you consent to the Canadian Lenders Association sending an email to your local Member of Parliament, on your behalf, in the form and content noted below. You consent to information about you (name, email address, city and postal code) being used to send the email to the appropriate recipient. You may receive follow up correspondence from your local Member of Parliament in response to this communication.  View Online
Copyright © 2024 goeasy Ltd., All rights reserved.

Our mailing address is:
33 City Centre Dr., Suite 510
Mississauga, ON L5B-2N5 Canada
Easyfinancial getting desperate because they can’t ruin people’s lives.

Find a better way

Easyfinancial: The Comedy Show of Personal Loans - 5 Reasons to Avoid the Financial Fiasco

If you ever find yourself in a pickle and need some cash, steer clear of places like Easyfinancial or those sneaky PayDay loan sharks. Trust me, they’re about as friendly as a porcupine in a balloon factory. These folks don’t have your best interests at heart – they’re just waiting to swoop in and turn your life into a three-ring circus. So, save yourself from the drama and keep your hard-earned dough away from their clutches!



So there you have it, folks! Easyfinancial Loans: the gift that keeps on taking. If you’ve ever had the pleasure (or should I say, “fun”) of dealing with these financial circus performers, we’d love to hear your story. Drop a comment below and share your thoughts on this email shenanigan or any personal experiences with the Easyfinancial loan sharks. And hey, feel free to rate this post too – it’s like giving Easyfinancial their own taste of surprise fees, but this time, it’s all in good fun!

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