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This Web Hosting Provider is still impressing me with its speed and reliability. #WebHostiing
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Awesome Web Hosting Provider

Siteground is still my web hosting provider and I’m loving it

Awesome Web Hosting Provider

It’s been a while and I am still with SiteGround as my awesome web hosting provider. I’m still impressed with the extremely fast speeds they provide, and I haven’t had to contact them one single time to report an issue with the site being offline or too slow, or anything at all!

I know I have already posted about SiteGround a couple of times, but following up on my experiences we think will back up our claims and experiences. So just posting about them and then just leaving the topic isn’t very reassuring to the people who are looking for a web hosting provider and want to take our word for it.

Unlike my previous provider, I was constantly submitting tickets for site problems stemming from extremely slow speeds, being unresponsive, not connecting, or being completely offline. And every single time they made me feel like I was the problem and the site was the problem.

Well, I’ve got the same site, and all the plugins I had previously now running on SiteGround Ultrafast Hosting and I haven’t had one single issue. Not a single one! So it wasn’t me or my site it appears. It was their crappy service that was the problem and I am so happy that I kicked them to the curb and hooked up with SiteGround!

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If you’re dealing with a slow web hosting company or a hosting company that doesn’t treat you like a valued customer, I highly recommend switching over to SiteGround web hosting. My migration was so easy and fast despite my previous host fudging things up during the migration. SiteGround took care of me and my site. I feel like an actual customer who they appreciated and value.

Right now at the time of this posting will be their 19th year in business, so you know they have the expertise in web hosting. They also have a few in-house WordPress plugins they created to help speed up your site too, and they’re free. You’ll also get Free CDN, SSL, Email, and so much more.

If you feel like I’m trying to sell you on this hosting provider, then you would be correct. I’ll admit it. But that’s because people who are struggling with their current hosting service provider or are looking to start up a new site need to know about SiteGround. I only wish that somebody posted something like this while I was struggling with multiple failures from other hosting providers. So yeah, I’m professing my love to my Awesome Web Hosting Provider, SiteGround. LOL!

An offer you can’t refuse

Also since it’s their 19th birthday, SiteGround is offering up a deal you can’t refuse in celebration of their 19th birthday. An 86% off Ultrafast Hosting birthday deal! At this point, they’re just giving it away. So take this opportunity to move your site from your crappy hosts, or start up a new site if you’re thinking about it because right now is a great time to take advantage of this deal.

There’s no need to go looking for a Web Hosting Provider because SiteGround is the one and only hosting service you’ll ever need. I’ve been using them for a while now and wish I knew of them 19 years ago.

If you have any questions about them or my experiences please drop a comment below. I’ll be happy to tell you anything that I know and my experiences. If you are a current customer of SiteGround as a web hosting provider post a comment below about your experiences. I’m sure a lot of people would like to know as we do.


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