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I can’t get over the comments I’ve read on the posts about the Cincinnati zoo Gorilla shooting. I don’t think people read or listen to the facts that are being told and just jump to conclusions and say dumb things. Most popular one: Why didn’t they tranquilize the Gorilla instead of shooting it dead? And It’s been answered with : Well, because the Gorilla was dragging the kid by the ankle around the top platform (off camera)and was in immanent danger and in a life threatening situation. If they shot the Gorilla with a tranquilizer dart, the sedative would have taken too long to sedate the animal before it lost it and went into a rage because it was shot with a dart. Another Popular one is: Zoos shouldn’t be allowed to exist. They should be all closed down and banned from operating. It’s not right caging up poor animals. Sigh: Did you know that if it wasn’t for most Zoos, a lot of the Endangered animals still surviving wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for zoos? They breed the endangered animals and keep them out of danger from poachers. They even release them to repopulate their species. Another Popular Comment I’ve seen is: The zoo should be held responsible for having a bad barrier. Taking Deep Breath: That 4 Year old climbed the 5 foot barrier and then proceeded to climb through the bushes before falling into the moat at the bottom of the enclosure. the question I have is how did this all take place without the boy being seen doing all of this? Who was watching the kid, or who was supposed to be watching the kid? If a kid falls off of a Roof, is it the Roof’s fault or the parents? The gorilla was shot and killed because of bad parenting. If you take your kids to a place filled with Dangerous animals, you watch them and hold their hands. Or tether them to you. The kid didn’t just walk up to the barrier and fall through it. He climbed OVER it and THEN CRAWLED THROUGH a bunch of bushes to get to the ledge and falling into a moat 15 feet down. How does that go unnoticed during that whole process?? Simply because he was not being watched like a good parent should have been doing in the first place. There, now I feel better having got that off my chest. #CincinnatiZoo #Gorilla #FourYearOld #Harambe

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