July 12, 2024
Winter wonderland drive
Watch this video to see what it's like to drive through a winter wonderland #WinterWonderland #Winter #Snow #SnowyLandscape
Winter wonderland drive
A winter wonderland scenic drive

Watch this video of our Winter Wonderland scenic drive

This is a dashcam video from our ROVE R2-4K dashcam. Today was a beautiful day for a scenic drive in this winter wonderland along Lincoln Road here in Lincoln, New Brunswick, Canada.

It’s funny how The Weather Network gets the forecast so wrong lately. They were calling for less than a centimeter of snow when we got at least 10cm, but yesterday they were calling for 20-30cm and all we got was rain.

Enjoy the video below

If you like the quality of the video here, wait till you see it in all its glory from the actual camera. The YouTube video that you watched is only 720pi because I put it through an editor to make the whole video. The actual video quality is way better than this video.

If you’re looking for a very good dashcam for your vehicle, then I highly recommend this one. I’ve tried 3 different cams, and this is by far the best one so far. Awesome customer support also!

4K ULTRA HD RECORDING – The Rove R2-4k dash camera can record videos up to a resolution of 2160p. The ultra HD video recording quality is so good that you will notice so much more clarity and quality difference than all other car dash cams. Revolutionary Super Night Vision Technology (Ultra-low liensor NT96660 + SONY IMX335) helps to get comparatively clearer footage and images from the recording in low light condition
Get this dashcam if you’re looking for an awesome dashcam.

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