July 13, 2024
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This is a really fun and easy DIY Propagation Wall idea that anyone can do with very little cost. Get your plants growing in no time this this great idea!
Propagation Wall DIY
Check Out This Easy DIY Plant Propagation Wall 1

So What Is A Propagation Wall?

Well, first let’s find out what propagation is. Propagation is essentially creating new plants from existing plants, commonly known as Mother Plants. You can simply just cut a stem or stalk off of a plant, stick it in water, and it should eventually produce roots! You just created FREE PLANTS! Creating a propagation wall allows you to take this storage vertical instead of clogging up space elsewhere. This version is a very easy DIY wall with very little cost to you.

What You’ll Need To Get Started.

  • Velcro Strips – You can get the kind that has a sticky adhesive on each piece.
  • Glass Test Tubes/Propagation Tubes – These actually come in a lot of sizes, so you can choose your own for your original DIY Project.
  • Hot Glue Gun – It can be a mini or a commercial. Doesn’t matter. Just need to melt the glue sticks.
  • Hot Glue Gun Sticks – Again, Mini or commercial, it doesn’t matter, they just have one purpose.
  • Grow Light – This is optional, but I recommend one because it helps the whole propagation process move along faster.

Let’s get started – Prepping The Velcro

OK, the first thing you will want to do is cut your velcro strips about 2/3rds the length of your test tubes. So in steps 1,2 and 3, you’ll want to get that done before going on to the next process. That way you won’t be getting glue strings all over the place. Trust me, I tried to cut them as I went along and I had cob-web-like strings from the glue gun all over the place.

Steps 1 2 and 3

Prepping The Glass Tubes

If you are using glass tubes and velcro with adhesive I recommend this process because the glass tubes seem to be too smooth for the adhesive to stick and you’ll end up finding all your cutting and tubes with water all over the floor because they fall off your propagation wall.

In step 4, I add a bead of hot glue all around the glass tube about a quarter from the top and another the same distance from the bottom. What I find that this does is it kind of creates a holder around the tube so it can’t fall away from the velcro after you complete steps 5, 6, and 7. This has kept mine from falling off my Propagation Wall.

Step 4

Attaching The Velcro To The Glass Tubes

Step 5 I add a generous bead of hot glue down the side where one-half of the Velcro strip will go. Again, this is because the adhesive doesn’t stick very well to the cold glass.

Step 6 I attach the hooked side of the velcro facing away from the glass tube and press it into the hot glue and wait till it cools down before letting go.

Step 7 I attach the hooped side of the velcro to the hooked side so they are evenly attached to each other.

Steps 5, 6, and 7

Attaching The Glass Tubes To The Wall

Before continuing on to step 8, I recommend washing your wall where you plan on creating your propagation wall, and then when it’s clean and dry, mark a level line across where you plan on sticking your glass propagation tubes. This will guide you and keep your tubes in a neat line on your propagation wall.

Step 8 I added hot glue to the backside of the velcro. Add a generous amount here. You don’t want it to come loose. Again, I found out the hard way that putting your trust in that adhesive was a bad idea.

Step 9, line up the top of your glass tube to the line you made earlier and stick it to the wall and wait till the glue cools enough before you let go. repeat this with each glass tube spacing them evenly apart. You can space them apart as much as you like.

step 8 and 9

Hanging Your Grow Light

Once you have all your glass propagation tubes on your propagation wall, you can stop here, or go on to Step 10 which is optional. But I do recommend it. Hang your grow light above your propagation wall and out from it about 1 foot.

I use LED full spectrum Grow Lights that I got from Amazon and they work perfectly for my propagation wall.

Step 10


Once your cuttings have grown nice healthy roots you can go ahead and transplant them into some soil, or you can put them in other propagation tubes that you can place around your house. There are a lot of varieties to choose from.

If you try out this DIY Propagation wall, let me know how it goes in the comments below. I hope you found this DIY helpful, and maybe you could do me a favor and share this with all your friends.

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