Arctic Vortex
Here in the Maritimes on the east coast, we have been caught in the Arctic Vortex the past couple days.
Arctic Vortex
Caught in the Arctic Vortex

Baby it’s cold outside in the Arctic Vortex

bundle up
Crazy East Coast Arctic Vortex - Freezing In The Maritimes at -45'C 1

So in the past couple days we’ve been in the middle of that cold Arctic Vortex and last night it hit -45’C with the wind chill. All I can say is that this is not a nice day to call a Winter Wonderland.

We went out grocery shopping to pick up a few things and every place we went the cashiers always said, “Stay warm!” as we left the stores. It was so cold out that we made the trips as fast as we could in order to get back home in a nice warm place.

Keps our water taps running by letting them drip all night so we didn’t wake up to frozen water lines. Been through that before and didn’t care much for it. Definitely not one of those days that you enjoy a nice drive through the countryside after a nice fluffy snowfall.

The wind was blowing so hard last night that it kept waking the both of us up several times throughout the night. The wind continued through the night till late this afternoon. I now realized just how drafty our place in now. Brrr. it’s cold!

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Get those space heaters out to help heat things up faster!

I’m very surprised the power didn’t go out from all of that wind. *knock on wood* Like it usually does here in the Maritimes on the East Coast.

Thankfully the forecast is calling for warmer temperatures the rest of the week, right!?

Were you in the middle of this cold arctic air? Did your power go out or were you lucky like we were? Post your answers in the comments below.


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