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I didn't know what was happening in this video when I first watched it.

I didn’t know what was happening in this video when I first watched it. I saw a few crazy kids jumping up and down with their shirts pulled over their heads wondering what was going on until I saw the shadows and then the audio made sense to me.

Crazy Kids These Days

My question is, what led up to the moment where they pulled their shirts over their head to come up with this funny video? Did one of the friends jokingly pull the shirt over their friend and somehow noticed how the shadow looked like a frog?

Whatever the reason, it all ended up being pretty funny I think anyway.

Oh to be young again with such energy. I miss the good old days when you would hang out with friends and walk the streets enjoying the great outdoors.

Getting Old

I’d be lucky to get outside just to mow the lawn now. I’ve gotten too old and lazy. What I’d give to be youthful again. Is there a pill you can take for that yet?

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