Crazy Neighbors Being Idiots

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Here Are Some Great Examples Of Neighbors Being Idiots


Mac’s Opinion accepts no responsibility should you decide to use one or more of these clever Images or act out what you see in the following videos. This is all in good jest and satirical; please keep that in mind!

~Yes, that actually needs to be said, unfortunately.

Most of us can relate to this post I believe. Neighbors being idiots can sometimes be comical, but for some, it can make for a miserable living experience. From creative revenge to hysterical overblown psychotic meltdowns.

Here is a collection of videos of some nightmare neighbors.

Just methin’ around with the neighbors.

Some of us can actually relate to this homeowner. It’s crazy how these people don’t get the proper drugs they need instead of the meth they’re on.

Here I am in my disguise

I had to laugh when he was wearing the box on his head in the middle of the night. “Here I am in my disguise.” LOL. This is why we need insane asylums back in operation. It’s crazy how the police weren’t able to do anything about this nut job.

Idiot neighbors blasting music

Oh, then we have the neighbors being idiots who think that their music is so good that everyone in the neighborhood needs to listen to how good it is too. Narcissism in neighbors is one of the most common annoyances I feel most homeowners have to deal with. When you have an idiot blasting their (usually terrible) music all day it can make it feel like your head is about to implode. The constant, thump, thump, thump, from the bass coming through your walls and then being amplified inside the room you sit in.

Idiot neighbors blasting music pt. 2

This guy has a double whammy when it comes to neighbors being idiots. He has to deal with two neighbors blasting their music all day. It’s crazy how these morons think that this is OK. Respect has been thrown out the window in today’s society.

The Great Wall LOL!

Kinda reminds me of a particular neighbor. Can you imagine having that monstrosity of a wall between your two homes? You can get a half-decent 8-foot wall up that wouldn’t look so trashy. I don’t see why he was fined when his footage clearly showed that she ran into the garbage bin and kicked it as he was putting it away. The law system is flawed.

Now, let’s see some Neighbors being Idiots in Memes.

neighbors being idiots
Neighbors being idiots

Yup, we can totally relate to this one. It’s only pleasant when those idiot neighbors aren’t at home. Only then is everything pleasant and peaceful. Sucks trying to relax indoors or out on the patio when you have psyco neighbors screaming all day long.

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Yup, I’ve heard neighbors complain so must that they say they are going to move. But never actually do. Maybe we should call a moving company for them too?

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When you have those Karens who seem to have the need to stick their noses into your business right? In your face Karen!

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OK, I have never wanted to grow a hedge so bad until I saw this picture. I so want this on my front lawn, yesterday.

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Well, they do say you have to disclose that you have shitty neighbors when you sell your home. Why not make sure the entire town knows how shitty they are right?

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Neighbors being idiots

Since the previous image mentioned Mr. Rogers, I thought this image suits the current situation here perfectly.

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YES! Exactly! We need this on our fence! But then again, being a good neighbor isn’t possible in most cases.

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OK, now I want to grow bushes all around my house even more now. We need this! Two weeks ago!

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OK now, remember the disclaimer at the beginning? Yeah, that still applies.



In today’s society, common sense and respect have been thrown out the window. If somebody stands up to a bully, they end up a victim. If a person tries to protect themselves, they get accused of spying. If a person gets caught doing something stupid, it’s your fault.

So fighting fire with fire seems to be the only course of action these days, because the law either doesn’t work, or it takes too long to get results. Dealing with Neighbors being Idiots seems to be a common issue these days, and hopefully, things will settle down here for everyone soon when all the pieces fall into place.

Have you had to deal with idiot neighbors? Did things work out for you? Post your answers in the comments below.

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