Packaging Design Fails
Here's a list of Packaging Design Fails that are just too funny to be real. #YouHadOneJob
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Packaging Design Fails
Packaging Design Fails

Design fails by people who had just one job

You had one job

This post could be considered a continuation of another post we did way back in April of 2021 called, “Designers Can Be Such Jerks” which proves that designers are still jerks today.

A lot of these crazy packaging design fails are not only misleading but are actually kind of funny if you’re not the one being misguided by not-so-honest product packaging.

I’d like to believe that the persons responsible for the design of the product packaging in this list were under the brands’ instructions to show more art than product or something along those lines, and not that the brands are just trying to rip their customers off.

I’ve heard of shrinkflation, but this is just crazy!

1. Shouldn’t they just make smaller bottles?

make a smaller bottle
Packaging fails

This person couldn’t have been more enraged when they decided to investigate what was really in this vitamin D3 bottle. The customer said that they hate to see waste in packaging and also feel like they are trying to trick them so they feel value in the product. Please make the bottle size of the product!

2. So this is confusing, isn’t it?

so which is it?
Packaging fails

We don’t know what would be a more important reminder than this one to always read the labels on the back of products. This manufacturer adamantly states that they are an American business. But are they?
This product was apparently made in Canada, according to the side of the can. So, which one is it?

3. That could have gone horribly wrong.

That could have gone horribly wrong.
Packaging fails

This is yet another example of a bad package design, leaving us to wonder if the company was mistaken or if they genuinely believed that this would make sense. Imagine if a user mixed up the two products—one intended for colon cleansing and the other for relaxation and sleep—because their designs are identical. A complete catastrophe would result from the situation.

4. A Major Letdown For Little Children.

A Major Letdown For Little Children.
Packaging fails

A couple decided to purchase some pencils for the children, but when they discovered the package was completely fake, they were extremely disappointed. There weren’t as many pencils in there as in many of the other package designs on this list.

5. Some Very Expensive Sunflower Oil

Very Expensive Sunflower Oil
Packaging fails

Here’s the thing: while some advertisers blatantly lie to their customers by using misleading packaging, others trick their customers more subtly. Consider this business as an example. They did not specifically claim that the product they were selling was pure olive oil, but they did emphasize the features that gave their goods a competitive edge. This would make the sunflower oil portion of the product barely noticeable to the purchaser.

6. A very deceptive box of chocolates.

A very deceptive box of chocolates.
Packaging fails

Simply put, this is simply not acceptable, is all we have to say. We can only imagine how disappointed this person was to discover when they opened the chocolate box that they had been completely duped! There were only a few chocolates in the box, and the buyer thought they weren’t even that good. This person probably realized their error and will look back on it with amusement in the future.

7. 64 crayons of the same color in a box.

64 crayons of the same color in a box.
Packaging fails

It turns out that there is only one color of crayon in this unopened box. In reality, there are 64 orange crayons for anyone who wants to get creative with just one color, despite the fact that they literally advertised 64 crayon colors. Sadly, the purchaser neglected to inspect the interior before making the purchase, and as a result, they discovered the problem much too late. However, is it possible that they actually enjoy the color orange?

8. The Packaging is in the Most Confusing Color.

The Packaging is in the Most Confusing Color.
Packaging fails

A person who needs blue paint would grab a blue package, while a person who needs red paint would grab a red package, according to simple common sense. However, this company disagreed. They actually thought that changing the colors of the packages and tiny-lettering the actual color on them would be the most logical thing in the world.

9. Irony doesn’t get much better than this.

Irony doesn't get much better than this.
Packaging fails

The irony of the whole situation is beyond belief. Although they chose to literally sell the item in that challenging type of package, they are actually selling a tool that is meant to assist with those very challenging packages. Unfortunately, it seems like we will never understand what the person is supposed to do to open it this time.

10. Where is the remaining portion?

Where is the remaining portion?
Packaging fails

We find it difficult to comprehend how effective this kind of deceptive advertising is for a brand given how important customer satisfaction is. Because once someone buys this and realizes how misleading it really is, they most likely won’t ever buy it again. But if they’re still carrying on in this manner, something must be working.

11. The Most Misleading Wrap Packaging

The Most Misleading Wrap Packaging
Packaging fails

Currently, it appears that this style of deceptive packaging is nothing new. In fact, we may all be pondering whether any of the claims made in advertisements in modern markets still hold water. Are all the advertisements false? When we see obscene advertisements like this one, we’re probably well-trained enough to start doubting every product we purchase going forward.

12. The Difference Between A Small And A Medium Size Juice – Wait, What?

The Difference Between A Small And A Medium Size Juice
Packaging fails

Now that we know, everyone should make sure to check to see if the sizes match up the next time they go for fast food. As it appears, you might pay a certain amount for a larger drink and receive the same thing you would have received without paying more. This individual, however, didn’t accept it. They made the decision to alert their friends and family via social media, and they most definitely succeeded!

13. Really, not so Jumbo shrimp.

not so Jumbo shrimp
Packaging fails

The biggest letdown is when a product’s size is misrepresented in an advertisement as being enormous. Use this one as an illustration. In reality, the shrimp were the smallest size possible and weren’t even whole, despite the company’s claims that they were selling a lot of jumbo shrimp. They resemble the tiniest shrimp in the world once their heads have been removed.

14. No wonder we all have trust issues

No wonder we all have trust issues
Packaging fails

Even though the cans have the designations “30% and 40% larger” on them, they appear to be exactly the same size as any other can of soup, which is why none of us can trust anyone. But now that they understand how misleading the can is, we’re fairly certain that they won’t ever purchase a comparable product again.

15. The Reality of Gluten Intolerance.

The Reality of Gluten Intolerance.
Crazy Packaging design fails

We’re not sure if this one is funny because it seems more worrisome than anything. Although the back of this chocolate stated: “We are not gluten-free or organic certified,” it was advertised as being both. The problem is that this deceptive package could have serious negative effects on some people who are truly gluten intolerant.

16. That’s just rude, I guess.

That's just rude, I guess.
Crazy Packaging design fails

We’d like to think that this was a genuine manufacturing company error rather than a package design fabrication. When they opened the package, the person who had been certain they were bringing a delicious pepperoni pizza home discovered that this was not the case at all. Instead, it was more like a pepperoni and Marguerita pizza.

17. 12 Mini Rolls When Cut Into 4’s

12 Mini Rolls When Cut Into 4
Crazy Packaging design fails

Here’s another example of a package design that begs the question, “How on earth did they think this was an okay thing to do?” They blatantly claimed to sell a 12-pack of sausage rolls, but the package actually contained three sausage rolls. How deceptive! It appears that their plan is to advise clients to cut the item themselves.

18. Hot Dog Hussle

Hot Dog Hussle
Crazy Packaging design fails

It’s fortunate that they checked the package before purchasing it because if they hadn’t, they would have made a frustrating discovery when they got home. When the seller gives the impression that you receive something for free when you purchase a package of something, it appears that this type of sale is fairly common in Russia. In reality, you are merely receiving what you have already paid for.

19. A Gummy Bear Cup That Wasn’t Required To Be A Cup.

A Gummy Bear Cup That Wasn't Required To Be A Cup.
Crazy Packaging design fails

All we can say is how disappointing. It is astounding how some businesses produce such deceptive goods, particularly when it comes to goods intended for kids. Just picture your child receiving this and being extremely disappointed. This cup only has a few gummy bears in the upper portion as opposed to the entire cup being filled with them.

20. Not Suitable For Climbing

Not Suitable For Climbing
Crazy Packaging design fails

This packaging’s layout is not only deceptive but also extremely perplexing. Since the image shows a man literally climbing with a rope, the majority of people probably believe that the rope is intended for climbing. Though, it’s imperative that we carefully read the fine print the next time we purchase any product of this nature. In reality, this might be harmful!

21. What Would A Reasonable Person Think?

What Would A Reasonable Person Think?
Crazy Packaging design fails

Even though this one may be up for debate for some of us, it’s still unclear. When designing their products and packaging, businesses must consider what a reasonable person would do. Seriously, unless they need to replace a lost pair, who buys just one pair of headphones? Whatever anyone says, there is definitely something very off about this one.

22. They were acting in complete knowledge of what they were doing.

They were acting in complete knowledge of what they were doing.
Crazy Packaging design fails

There are some of these deceptive packages appear to have been made by experts in the field. Consider this as an illustration. This cannot possibly have been a mistake made by the person who made the pizza by accident. They must have known exactly what was hidden inside the box because the pizza fit into the container perfectly.

23. Not Quite Homemade.

Not Quite Homemade.
Crazy Packaging design fails

We are all aware that some businesses make an effort to mislead consumers about their products. This includes the amount of sugar in particular foods, whether they are prepared at home or not, and a long list of other things. Evidently, this manufacturer tried their hardest to conceal the word “factory” in order to make their product appear homemade in a way that is just hilarious. However, the word “factory” is present, and it is obvious that the product is not homemade, so why advertise it in this manner?

24. Beyond Measure of Disappointment.

Beyond Measure of Disappointment.
Crazy Packaging design fails

Imagine having a daylong hankering for something sweet, then heading to the store to buy your preferred candy. But when you get home and open the package to enjoy some sweet treats, you discover this. This package could not have been more deceptive, and the person’s disappointment was simply beyond measure. They at least voiced their concerns online, and hopefully, they were able to eat the small amount of candy that was actually present.

25. Yet, Another Half-Empty Package

Another Half-Empty Package
Crazy Packaging design fails

It’s safe to say that we won’t be seeing this type of hilarious packaging for the first or last time. It appears to be more commonplace than anything else. The box of delicious granola this person had just bought turned out to be half empty, just like many other packages on this list, when they got home because something about the product they had just bought didn’t feel right.

26. Buy three, get two

Buy three, get two
Crazy Packaging design fails

Even though these businesses probably get away with using this type of packaging every day, it still isn’t right. We cannot, however, deny that it is mildly amusing. Based on the drawing on the outside, this person purchased a salami pack, believing they were purchasing three. However, this does not imply that they received the three salamis they believed they were purchasing. Furthermore, we can just imagine how depressing it must have been to discover those two lonesome salami pieces inside.

27. Three-quarters of them are missing

Three-quarters of them are missing
Crazy Packaging design fails

Okay, this is another instance where the customer should have just sent the product back, as there is no chance that it could possibly be true. The amount of chocolates inside is absurd, and the package is literally enormous. We don’t blame the person for wanting the other 3/4, because they absolutely deserve to receive what they paid for.

28. The Bucket Half Full

The Bucket Half Full
Crazy Packaging design fails

You might not understand what’s going on for a moment, but when you do, you’ll probably be completely astounded and probably very irate. The purchaser provided a detailed explanation, saying: “To make this bucket of Lego set appear full, they placed a paper cone inside with some Lego pieces printed on it to hide it. That is simply cruel, now isn’t it?

29. Bigger Size, Better Value

Bigger Size, Better Value
Crazy Packaging design fails

Here’s another reminder to not believe everything you see, especially at the grocery store. Even though it says better value on the bottle, as you can see, that isn’t always the case. In this instance, the buyer realized pretty quickly that the product they purchased didn’t actually offer better value for the money.

30. When a package design brings a child to tears.

When a package design brings a child to tears.
Crazy Packaging design fails

Sadly, because of the way this package was made, the customer’s daughter learned some harsh truths about the world when she was a very young child. The mother claims that the young girl spent all of her money on this diminutive bag, which at first glance seemed so bright and promising. To her dismay, the package contained virtually nothing inside. The young girl reportedly started crying and saying, “This is not fair,” as soon as she realized what had happened. That poor girl.

31. When Deception Goes To A Whole New Level.

When Deception Goes To A Whole New Level.
Crazy Packaging design fails

The issue is as follows. Whoever bought it assumed they were getting a lot of product because of how large the package appeared to be. However, that was before they turned it upside down. About half of this container is filled with nothing, and we bet that the majority of customers won’t even notice it.

32. This is very disappointing Santa!

This is very disappointing Santa
Crazy Packaging design fails

Even though this has been strongly discouraged by environmentalists and activists around the world, it’s regrettable that some businesses out there continue to use a lot of plastic. This business made the absurd decision to ruin Christmas with false advertising. For so little chocolate, there is so much plastic!

33. 100% (Not) Silk

100% (Not) Silk
Crazy Packaging design fails

Another piece of advice is to check what is written inside the fabric as well if the label claims that it is made entirely of something. Even when it comes to clothing, what is written on the package is not always accurate. Sadly, this person had to learn this lesson the hard way when they opened the package and discovered that their “silk” item was made of 100% polyester with a silky feel.

34. Where’s The Beef?

Where's The Beef
Crazy Packaging design fails

If this isn’t one of the funniest package designs ever, we don’t know what is. Thankfully, this person decided to look under the cover before purchasing this steak. When they did, they were shocked to see that a significant portion of the steak advertised was missing. They would have received a very distressing surprise when they got home from the grocery store if their instinct hadn’t alerted them that something was wrong.

35. Gummy bears are nowhere to be found.

Gummy bears are nowhere to be found.
Crazy Packaging design fails

This next tactic appears to be very popular in the advertising market. Pick up a sizable box that seems generous, but only fills it halfway. Customers with an unsatisfied sweet tooth as a result. We can’t imagine how upsetting this must have been for this candy lover to open a box of delicious gummies only to find it half-filled with not-so-delicious air.

36. A Staple Box With Hardly Any Staples In It

Mac's Opinion - The place where everyone is entitled to my opinion
Crazy Packaging design fails

We must admit that whoever put this box together did so in the most masterfully deceptive manner. Even though it probably wasn’t enjoyable to be the one in need of staples, the person who packaged the items must have laughed a lot. We hope that the customer returned the entire purchase to the store where it was originally purchased.

37. A pen designed to use the least amount of plastic possible.

A pen designed to use the least amount of plastic possible.
Crazy Packaging design fails

Again, a lot of businesses use the “green” justification without actually being sustainable. Although sustainability has gained popularity, it appears that not everyone is willing to accept it. When this company made a commitment to lessen its use of plastic but didn’t follow through by using this ridiculous, ineffectively recycled pen, they were being incredibly dishonest. That’s awful!

38. What you see is what you get – literally

What you see is what you get
Crazy Packaging design fails

This image is the perfect example of something that is both hilarious and upsetting. This person was seeking a tasty snack, so when they purchased the package that was completely sealed, they were eager to get their hands on what was inside. They were disappointed to see that the package’s contents weren’t quite what they expected. It appears as though the box is missing more than half of it. What a loss!

39. A sticker roll that’s not a roll at all

A sticker roll that's not really a roll at all
Crazy Packaging design fails

This deceived customer claims that items like this are frequently falsely advertised. They decided to post their experience online because it wasn’t the first or last time they had fallen for the little ruse. Therefore, the next time you need to purchase a sticker roll, be sure to check that the item is what it says it is on the packaging.

40. When 27 equals roughly 40.

When 27 equals roughly 40.
Crazy Packaging design fails

This person excitedly purchased frozen pepperoni pizza snack rolls only to discover that there were only a little more than half the number of rolls that were advertised. And we’re glad they decided to put everything on the tray. They were able to see that the package did not include 40 pizza rolls as stated. Therefore, we ought to double-check what is there the next time we read “approximately.”.

41. A Bigger Bottle With Fewer Tablets

A Bigger Bottle With Fewer Tablets
Crazy Packaging design fails

We’re not exactly sure what’s going on right now. We understand that the bottle underwent some sort of improvement, but their marketer was either on to something here or they were totally out of their minds! In an apparent effort to give the impression that customers are getting more, they started selling fewer tablets in larger bottles. It almost appears to be an act of desperation.

42. When the tea arrives, face forward.

When the tea arrives
Crazy Packaging design fails

Here’s another example of packaging that isn’t funny anymore; it’s just depressing. We now realize that various tactics go into where certain stores put their merchandise. As an illustration, consider this location. To disguise the fact that the jar was otherwise empty, they purposefully placed the tiny bag of tea in front of it. Fortunately, this person refused to be duped and ended up outing them completely.

43. I Have Been Bamboozled

I Have Been Bamboozled
Crazy Packaging design fails

Sometimes the trickery is so expertly executed that you almost want to commend the packaging’s creators. To make the product appear to contain more than it did, they figuratively took a smaller pot, filled it with cream, and put it inside the larger pot. There is no way anyone could have ever known, so kudos to this person for telling everyone the truth.

44. Simply create a smaller container the next time.

Simply create a smaller container the next time.
Crazy Packaging design fails

As time goes on, we observe an increase in the number of businesses attempting to do more to protect the environment by reducing waste and chemical use. While some businesses are successful at it, others don’t do as well. When they discovered that the entire bottle was half empty, they felt extremely let down. The clever packaging, however, ensured that nobody would ever be able to see it unless they tore the plastic in the manner that this person did.

45. Where did the filling go?

Where did the filling go
Crazy Packaging design fails

It’s one thing to make a mistake here and there, but it just seems cruel to promote exquisitely designed cookies filled with jam while delivering what this person received. Despite the cookie’s claim to be filled with delicious jam on the package, there is hardly any jam present. This person had every right to post about their disappointment on social media.

46. A Half-Full Bottle Of Spice

A Half-Full Bottle Of Spice
Packaging design fails

As we read more, we come to understand that many products have some pretty intriguing caveats. For instance, no one would ever guess that half of that spice bottle is half empty because of the way it is packaged. The trick has been used on so many people in the past that this person felt the need to warn others. How often have you purchased items that appeared to be fully loaded but weren’t?

47. The World’s Saddest Cookie Tray.

The World's Saddest Cookie Tray.
Packaging design fails

Just try to picture yourself purchasing a tray of cookies only to discover that the tray comes in various sizes and can accommodate various quantities of cookies. Now, we’re not claiming that this was done on purpose; it could simply have been a genuine error on the part of the manufacturer. But we can only imagine how disappointed this person was to find they had ordered far fewer cookies than they received. Just let’s hope they weren’t too ravenous!

48. Sometimes Companies Just Need To Be Exposed

Sometimes Companies Just Need To Be Exposed
Packaging design fails

There are some situations in life where one simply needs to act on their own, even if it makes one appear a little crazy in the grocery store. This person decided to share their knowledge after realizing they had been duped so that others wouldn’t have to go through the same thing. They went to the supermarket and began to turn packages upside down so that other uninformed customers would know what they were getting for their money.

49. Oh man, this is just mean

this is just mean
Packaging design fails

There are some things out there that aren’t just “bad advertising,” they’re outright lies. Making a pizza that was more of a joke than a meal, these pizza makers probably had too much fun. They skillfully concealed it inside the box so that the unwary customer would never be aware that there were only three pieces of pepperoni inside.

50. The Biggest Letdown Ever

The Biggest Letdown Ever
Packaging design fails

Imagine purchasing a box of crayons for your kid (or for yourself) that claims to contain 150 pieces, only to discover that the entire transaction was a marketing ploy! This box of crayons was one of the biggest letdowns ever, as this customer revealed. Even though the box’s sticker said there should be 150 crayons inside, they discovered there were only 75, and there was nothing they could do to change this.



I bet you’re going to be checking everything you buy now because you no longer trust any company selling you goods right? I know I will be. This is just so morally wrong that it should be illegal.

These design fails may be funny to us, but can you just imagine how the person who purchased those products felt? Especially nowadays when groceries are so expensive and then to find out that these companies are ripping you off in order to get richer.

Have you ever been duped into buying something due to its Crazy Packaging design that ended up having you angry over how you got ripped off? Post your stories in the comments below.

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