Cultural appropriation feature
Constantly blasting the airwaves about how sh*t happened to natives (Cultural appropriation) a long time ago day in and day out just makes people sick of hearing about it.

Cultural appropriation butthurt is more like it lately

Cultural appropriation

Ok, this rant will probably get under a lot of people’s skin, and I’m confident there will also be an equal amount of people, if not more, who will agree. (Poll at the end)

Do you see that paper headband? Well, a similar craft was made by children in preschool and caused a group of people to get all butthurt about it. Don’t believe me? Check out the video here.

It’s pretty sad when children can’t even feel good about something or feel happy wearing something that makes them happy. Even grown-ass adults these days can’t wear things that make them feel good or happy without somebody getting butthurt over it being similar to something cultural.

I am sure that in these kids’ minds, cultural appropriation was the furthest thing from them. I bet they had so much fun making those headbands in honor of this Truth and Reconciliation movement that’s been getting so much attention lately. I bet they couldn’t wait to wear them and show them off to their friends and parents. I can just imagine the fun they had making them.

But Debbie Downer has to come along and ruin it for everyone because they got all butthurt over it. Calling it cultural appropriation when it was simply a bunch of kids having fun making crafts. I swear people will put anything under a microscope just to try and find the tiniest thing to pick apart just so they can beat their chest in a fit of rage.

german Octoberfest hat

When I was a young lad my folks went to an Octoberfest and brought home one of those hats that people would wear. It was a German-type hat. I would wear that thing day and night. Not because I was trying to act like I was a German person, but rather I just simply enjoyed wearing it. It made me happy to wear it. The fact that it was a German-style hat never occurred to me once! This wasn’t Cultural appropriation either!

People wear cowboy hats, Russian-style hats, Arab-style hats, Jamaican hats, and yes, even caveman hats. I haven’t heard any of these cultures b*tch about those Cultural appropriation violations. So why if somebody wears a beaded piece of jewelry or a headband it’s racist or insensitive and Cultural appropriation Taboo?

What is cultural appropriation?

Cultural appropriation takes place when members of a majority group adopt cultural elements of a minority group in an exploitative, disrespectful, or stereotypical way.

So those kids they spoke of in the above video somehow were exploitative and disrespectful? The teacher obviously didn’t “adopt” the headband as a Stereotypical way of exploiting the Native people. It was a fun craft activity that the kids enjoyed, simple as that.

The media is just milking it for ratings also.

I don’t know about you or even if you listen to CBC Radio here in Canada, but whenever I turn on the radio station now it will literally be about Native topics. Every single time now when I turn CBC Radio on, it is about the Natives, and the schools, and how white people are racists. Yes, what happened in the residential schools was a horrific thing that happened. They were all shut down, and they found dark evidence of a dark past involving the schools. It is a tragic thing that happened at the hands of ignorant people who lived in an ignorant society.

News flash! Society evolves, that’s why the schools are no longer in operation. This is why we no longer live in caves. That’s why there are rules of war that prevent genocide. Yes, there will always be the few who refuse to move on and will forever be racists and bigots, but only you can be the better person, be the better parent, and raise your offspring the proper way, be a society that embraces change and support each other.

Constantly blasting the airwaves about how sh*t happened to natives a long time ago day in and day out just makes people sick of hearing about it. It’s like how a DJ plays the same damn song over and over till you can’t stand it anymore.



I’m sorry about what happened to those kids, I’m not sorry I’m a white man and I’m sick of native people trying to make me feel like I’m a bad person because I am white. If this isn’t their intention to make me feel this way, well guess what? It wasn’t the teacher’s intention either. So get over it already!

*mic drop*

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