Daddy O Five Needs To Be Shut DOWN!

Good News Everyone

Butt head Daddy of Five has removed all of their Child abusing Videos!

Unfortunately, the channel itself still stands with a sick bunch of people of over 750K who still sub.

IMO, the channel needs to be removed, PERMANENTLY!

YouTube should be ashamed for allowing this content!!!

The channel  Needs to die! He’s still making money!!

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Boycott #Daddyofive Don’t subscribe, report!

Don’t allow him to use the history of his child beatings and abuse to just CHANGE the genre of the channel. He needs to start over, with a NEW channel. The people who subscribe to him now are low life pieces of shit who encourage child abuse! If #youTube allows this channel to stay open, they will still profit off of those kids torture.

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YouTube standards and TOS even state that they don’t allow Bullying, violence, and so on…. Question is… WHY did Cody have to endure this for so long?

Cody, you have a YouTube case to sue your parents AND YouTube dude, but I’m HOPING that would be something done by your REAL Mom!.

In case you’ve been under that INTERNET ROCK – CLICK HERE

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MacBros Place
April 20, 2017 9:35 PM

Deleting the videos won't make things better.

1. Step back and take in all of this media for actions YOU are responsible for. (Not Cody, or the other kids. You two are the ADULTS HERE)
2. Absorb all that info. All the HATE comments directed at you.
3. Try and defend it….. the best you can… LIE even, it's ok. Or just give in.
4. Make public video by doing #3

Did it work?
NO! it did not!
Unfortunately, the kids didn't have that chance. They were subjected to # 3 immediately in the video form!

Give Cody back to PAM!

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