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Holy crap! This guy is like a little child!

First, he makes people work without pay just so he can get his stupid wall built, and now he wants to create a “Space Force!”

This space force will protect HIM from threats from above apparently. Maybe he thinks the sky is falling right?  He is religious, maybe he is afraid his God will smite him for being such an idiot.

Just listen to him say the words, “Space Force.” It sounds so ridiculous!

Sometimes I think that this is somehow a huge prank on the world and this is the United States of America’s way of pranking the world. I’m waiting for Ashton Kutcher and Obama to pop out of a corner and say we’ve all just been punked. But the shows been off the air and they all forgot that the prank is still going on.

I think that Trump knows he’s not going to make it to another term and he’s just being the big baby that he is thinking that he may as well go out with a bang by f**cing over the country in any way that he can.

He shouldn’t have been in that position for that long anyway.

What are your thoughts on this?

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