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Easy Financial 100% Loan Sharks – You Must Stay Away At All Costs!


Easy Financial 100% Loan Sharks

EAsy Financial

    Consider this a Public Service Announcement for all of the people out there who are desperate and in need of a small loan but don’t have the best credit and have tried the banks only to be rejected or turned down.

    This is from personal experience and I will tell you it was the worst decision ever made. I am a victim of Easy Financial’s greed and how they prey on desperate people.

    If you ever see this logo stay clear of it. Stay far, far away!
easy financial

    They also have easyhome and operate other companies like Canada Drives and so on. If you ever hear or see the words easy financial in anything financial, just stay away. They will rob you blind!


    My experience with these crooks started back in 2018 when I needed a car to get back and forth to work. At the time my credit was pretty crappy and any bank would just laugh at me when I applied for a loan. My credit was in a bad place due to crappy life events that can sometimes break you and turn your life upside down. But that’s another post altogether.

    I knew from other people’s reviews that easy financial was not a place to go if you needed money fast. But I was desperate and I didn’t think it could be as bad as they said, I just thought that most of these bad reviews were from people who just didn’t get what they wanted the ways they wanted. You know the type of people that just rant about stuff, just to be heard? That’s who I thought these reviews were from.
    I bite the bullet (more like bite the worm on the hook) in October 2018 and submit an application and get approved for a loan of $5,600. Now pay attention to that amount, because what I still owe today is going to blow your mind and should show you why you need to stay away from this company of crooks.
    My payments on this loan are $296 a month and I made payments up to a point in 2019 I lost my job, a job I was pretty confident would have employed me for many many years. So I had to defer a few months’ payments till I could get myself back on my feet. I didn’t get the job loss insurance that they offer you because that is how they scam you out of even more money resulting in you owing more. It was easier just to defer payments and pay the interest instead.
    In 2020, I was curious and sent them a message just to see how much I still owe on the loan. When they replied back with the amount, I felt so sick in the stomach. I was in so much disbelief, I was pissed off, and I realized that this was the biggest scam that I got trapped into. On that day they said to pay off the loan in full that it would cost $6,851.60 and $7.76 per day MORE after that date! This is for an initial loan of $5,600!!!!
    I went to my bank to see if I could get a loan to consolidate this criminal loan with Easy Financial, but my credit wasn’t good enough yet. Even after having an open loan to help build up credit ratings, I guess a loan with Easy Financial doesn’t improve credit ratings at all. So no help from a bank meant I still had to pay these crooks every month for the next thousand years till the loan is paid off in full.
    Now we’re up to today on May 25, 2021, and I’ve been making my monthly payments of $296 every month. I’ve given them over $2,960 since my last inquiry, and I asked them what I still owe as of today and I nearly cried when they said that I still owe $6186.34 to pay off the loan in full today. So out of my 10 Months of payments of $2,960 in total, only about $665 actually went toward the payments on the loan and the remaining $2,284 went into THEIR POCKETS!
    If this doesn’t deter you from going to them then it will be on you when you come to realize you’ve made a grave mistake and you’re crying in your bed at night, wide awake and wondering how you’ll ever pay them off. If I had seen these numbers that I shared, I wouldn’t have gone to them EVER! I would have swallowed my pride and begged family or friends for the loan. I would have tried to find another way to fund a used car purchase. I would have NEVER gone to Easy Financial!
    What Easy Financial does should be illegal! They prey on the desperate and for some reason, they are allowed to get away with it.
    I hope this post opens up your eyes and I hope that I have saved a lot of people from going through the horrifying experience that I am still dealing with. I’ve been paying them $296 a month. That’s $3,552 a year. I’ve paid about $10,656 in the past 3 years for a $5,600 loan!
    Again, why is this allowed? WHY!?

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