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This is my first hand experience with Tree Propagation using root boxes. I have a couple Cedar Trees that I want to propagate to make more trees with.

Is Tree Propagation The Same As Indoor Plant Propagation?

Tree Propagation

Tree Propagation is kinda almost like propagating indoor plants. But in the case of trees, it’s technically called Air Layering.

Air layering is pretty simple. Uses the ancient method of Air Layering which is about growing roots right onto the branches to replicate your existing plants and produce a new one. It works on both indoor and outdoor plants like roses, climbers, trees, fruit bushes, fruit trees, and hard-to-root plants like Magnolia and Camellias, and in this case, I’ll show you using Tree Propagation Root Boxes.

What Are Root Boxes?

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Root boxes are basically mini biomes that contain an environment for your tree branch to air layer as explained earlier. The scarred or damaged part of the branch is contained inside the Root Box that is filled with either moss or moist soil. This is how you start the process of creating free trees.

You can purchase these amazing Root Boxes on Amazon and they are very affordable and simple to use.

How to use Root Boxes.

To start your tree propagation, you’ll need a sharp sterile blade/knife to score and cut away the top layer of bark on your tree branch. In this case, I’ll be trying this tree propagation tutorial on a Cedar Bush.

tree propagation knife
Tree Propagation

Peel off the skin of the plant. This is basically creating a wound for the tree to try and heal itself.

Tree propagation skin
Tree Propagation

Put soil into a compacted substrate. ( fill the plant box with moistened water moss or soil) in this case, I fill both sides of my root boxes with moist soil.

Mac's Opinion - The place where everyone is entitled to my opinion
Tree Propagation

Carefully place one side of the root boxes on the side of the scored branch. Make sure the wound is in the center of the root box.

tree propagation placing inside
Tree Propagation

Carefully place the second side of the root box on the other side of the wound of the branch and snap the two pieces together to secure them.

tree propagation enclosed
Tree Propagation

The root boxes I use snap together tight, but they also come with mini zip ties for added security. You don’t want these babies popping open on you.

Tree propagation zip ties
Tree Propagation

The root boxes I use also have a wide mouth part for you to be able to easily add water to keep the soil or moss inside moist.

And that’s it, that’s how tree propagation using root box and air layering works and just how easy it is to do. In about 5-8 weeks you can pop the root boxes open and inspect the root growth.

This will not harm your mother plant/tree. The mother plant/tree will continue to grow and be healthy.


tree propagation

This post isn’t actually finished yet. In about 5-8 weeks I’ll be posting a follow-up post to show you how it’s going and how my technique on my Cedar Bushes turned out. So keep coming back to check on that.

This is simple and inexpensive compared to buying a full-grown tree. Besides, making your own tree is fun! You are making free trees!

Comment below if you have any success with Tree Propagation using the root box and air layering. I’d love to read about what you managed to grow with this process using root boxes and air layering.

I’ll reassure you once again that your tree will be fine and it will continue to grow and be healthy long after you remove the propagated branch. Your Mother plant or tree will be completely fine and will be unharmed. Unless you do this to every single branch on it that is, which I wouldn’t recommend.

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