Backyard Wildlife
The awesome experience of living in the country is the nature and backyard wildlife you get to experience firsthand. Backyard Wildlife is all around you.

The benefit of living in the country is the Backyard Wildlife

Backyard Wildlife

Living out in the country can have its positives and negatives, but mostly positives.

The positives of living out in the country are having your backyard full of wildlife, nature, and fresh air all around you.

Here in New Brunswick, Canada you get all of that guaranteed.

Watch this short video to see what I mean.

Having trouble playing this backyard wildlife video? Try this.

The Hummingbird

In the video, I help out a hummingbird that got a bit confused when it got trapped inside our greenhouse on a hot day. It grasped my fingertips as hard as it could as it tried to get a drink from the hummingbird feeder. It chirped its thank yous and flew on its way. So cute right!?

The Muskrat

They may be called a rodent, but I still think the muskrat is kinda cute. This little bugger is digging away at the pond walls at work that supplied water to the Nursery. I don’t really think they did any damage as the wall is still standing.

Backyard Wildlife Isn’t all bad, sorta…

It’s nice seeing all the bees and animals do their thing here in the Backyard Wildlife world in this fine countryside in New Brunswick Canada. Just one thing though, can somebody do something about the darn mosquitoes? Because these darn mosquitoes are frigging crazy now that the bats and swallows are near extinction here in Canada. There are no predators around to eat them up anymore!

What is the best thing about the country that you like?

Do you live out in the sticks also? Post a comment below about what you like or dislike about the country. Hate comments about the mosquitoes are fine, but something other than mosquitoes is better though. Come on and spew it out, we’re all watching!

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