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Facebook scam ads are getting really bad lately, right? Why would any business want to even use them now? It's hard to even trust legitimate ads these days.

I Once Fell For A Facebook Scam

Facebook Scam

I once fell victim to a Facebook Scam and yes it is embarrassing to actually admit to it. It was a Facebook Scam Add that was for a drone that was very convincing. I was actually on Amazon searching for Drones, and you know how good Facebook is when it comes to snooping into your search history. Facebook decided to fill my feed with Drone Ads.

Facebook Scam

The Facebook Scam Ad looked really legitimate and it was actually the first time that a Facebook ad actually got me to click the link.

So first off Shame on you Facebook for allowing these ads to even be allowed on your platform. It’s scary to think about how many people get scammed from Ads you allow on your site.

Anyway, the Drone price was really reasonable. The store website had videos of people using it, it was laid out really nice and the grammar was near perfect. Nothing signaled any red flags for me. I thought it was strange however that they only used PayPal for payment.

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So a big shame on you Paypal for supporting these scum. You shouldn’t make it so easy for scammers to use your service to scam people. I do have to mention though, that they refunded me, so good on them I suppose. But the scammers still got their dirty money.

Table Flip

I was actually pissed at myself for falling for this Facebook Scam Ad. But it was also a learning experience and it also taught me what to look for in a scam. I paid closer attention to the ads and noticed that almost all of the Facebook ads are Facebook Scam Ads!

A Typical Scammers Goto Storefront Setup.

Shopify Scam

One thing that I noticed from all the Facebook Scam Ads is it they all linked to a storefront that is hosed with the popular shopping cart service provided by Shopify. So now when I see a shop hosted on that platform, I become very suspicious.

So shame on you Shopify. Why you allow these things on your site just makes your service seem very shady. I reported the scam that got me to you and you did nothing to remove the site from your service. So unfortunately all the legitimate shops that are on there will probably loose me as a customer.

I Can Smell A Scam

Yeah, so being scammed once taught me to have a keen eye now when I get offers by people offering me compensation for service. I get a lot of scammers trying to scam me into divulging my YouTube info only for them to hijack it. So that’s another one going around targeting YouTubers.

But the Facebook Scam Ads now have big bright red neon glows surrounding them whenever I see them. I will take the time to post a comment on them telling people that it is a scam, with a link to the proof of some sort, and I will also take a moment to report it to Facebook. But Facebook seems to take money over morals it seems and does nothing to remove them.

Conclusion and my final opinion…

Mac's Opinion - The place where everyone is entitled to my opinion

Facebook Scam Ads suck and I don’t understand why any legitimate business would even want to buy them now. They’ll just get buried under all the fake scam ads. And even if I see a legitimate one, I still can’t bring myself to trust it.

Once you have gotten scammed by a Facebook Scam Ad, you lose all trust in the system and that has got to really suck for all those companies out there buying up Facebook Ads.

Facebook, Paypal, and Shopify all need to look into vetting their merchants. I’m usually on the ball when it comes to detecting a scam, but that drone one even got me. Thankfully the Facebook Scam Ad only dinged me $60 which I got back, but imagine the Millions of dollars people have lost already and can’t get back. And Facebook just keeps letting the Facebook Scam Ads appear and they pocket the money.

Have you had a bad experience because of a scam? Share your story in the comments below.

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