Under The Weather
Feeling a bit under the Weather today - taking a break.
Under The Weather
Feeling Under The Weather - Taking 1 Very Needed Day Off From This Crazy World 1

Feeling Crappy and Under The Weather Today

Under The Weather

Not only am I feeling Under The Weather, but I have a lot of other things to do today, so I’ll make this a short post.

I have to look for our Portable Power Station/Battery Booster for the car. Somehow it seems to have grown a set of legs and ran away because we can’t find it anywhere. I need it to add air to the car tires because the low tire pressure light came on yesterday.

I need to also find out where an electrical wire might have shorted out inside a wall because the bathroom and hallway lost power a few days ago. So that’s gonna be fun I think. *sigh* I hope that will be a simple fix and we can get the lights working again. It’s annoying to have to use an extension cord to power a lamp when we are in the bathroom.

And if that wasn’t enough bad luck, the snowblower auger belt broke during that heavy snow last week, I managed to fix that pretty easily though, so that’s one thing I can cross off the list.

I also did something to my knee that’s causing it to hurt like an SOB! Not sure what it was, but it’s been killing me these past few days.

So I’m going to stop here and log off and take it easy today and hopefully, I can muster up some energy to get those other things done while feeling under the weather.


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