Garbage Man leaves my trash bin out in the damn road! What the hell!?

I’ve had it with this company’s poor service. From garbage not being picked up, lawns being destroyed by drivers driving over them, to having your trash bin left out in the middle of the road to be driven over.

I’ve called and messaged them complaints, but they always seem to come up with excuses and put the blame on the customers.

Well, no more Fero Waste & Recycling. I will be posting videos like this more often because if complaining to them directly doesn’t get their attention, then maybe a bit of public shaming will.

I get that they have to pick up a lot of trash on their route, but that’s what they get the big bucks for. And that also doesn’t justify leaving customers trash bins (Which aren’t cheap to buy BTW!) out in the middle of the street to get run over, or blown across the town!!

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