Flashback Fridays
Weekly posts on Fridays called "Flashback Fridays" take a look back at the first 20 years of blogging. Flashback Fridays Chapter 15
Flashback Fridays Chapter 15
Flashback Fridays Chapter 15

Flashback Fridays Chapter 15

Flashback Fridays Chapter 15
Flashback Fridays Chapter 15

Well here is Flashback Fridays Chapter 15, a weekly series of entertaining and fun flashbacks of blog posts I’ve written over the past 20 years of blogging. It’s surreal to consider that I’ve been blogging for 20 years.

Using the Wayback Machine to select a few old posts that we believe would be both interesting and humorous and to post them each week in this Flashback Fridays series. So, let’s take a look at what was going through my mind all those years ago.

When I was younger, I was such a nerd. Please use your discretion when reading these posts because I apparently used profanity a lot.

Let’s get to Flashback Fridays Chapter 15!

Flashback Fridays Chapter 15

Robots PS2 Game CONT…. – Flashback Fridays Chapter 15

February 26th, 2005 by MacBros


This has got to be one of the easiest games of the year. If you want a game that doesn’t require pulling out your hair, this is the game for you. It was a F**ken easy game! and very short.
Graphics are kewel and you also get a glimpse of the movie while playing.
A definite rental because you’ll finish it in 1 day.
Kind of disappointed that the game was so short though.

Now I have beers to drink and a game that is completed.

I spilled a beer on the book for the game and now it’s pulp. I Hope Rogers doesn’t f**c me over for it. LOL


I sort of remember this game. It was probably so easy because it was more likely a marketing thing to boost movie ticket sales. But when it comes to short games today when they cost over $80 to buy, I get really pissed off. Do you know of some games that were just too short?

Flashback Fridays Chapter 15

Neighbours that Suck! – Flashback Fridays Chapter 15

February 28th, 2005 by MacBros

That inconsiderate b*tch wanted to keep the whole neighbourhood up again. I didn’t get any sleep at all last night due to the fact she found it necessary to curse and swear at the kid all night. Every 30 mins the kid would start to cry and she would scream louder than the kid telling it to “Shut the f**c up!”

It would get quiet for 20 mins and then it all started all over again. I’m no doctor but wouldn’t it be wise to take the kid to see a doctor to find out why the thing is bawling all night long?

Anyway, since I was already up before my alarm went off at 8 am, I thought a pot of coffee would wake me up because it was time to get ready for work. I had a cup of coffee but couldn’t stay awake, then a migraine headache started due to lack of sleep. I had to call in sick and go to bed when the neighbours from hell left.

It seems they left over to their Moms place next building over, so I went to sleep. Half an hour into sleeping, it starts all over again. She came back to put the kid to bed. WHAT THE F**K!!! Now at this point, I am so exhausted, I immediately fell asleep as soon as the screaming from both mother and son stopped. Only to be woken up 20-30 mins later.

My head throbbed and my body ached from being in bed for so long and had no rest at all. I dragged my ass to the futon and managed to get an hour of uninterrupted sleep, just to be awakened to the same noise all over again, but with an added pounding on the floor by somebody hammering something.

They are doing this on purpose and following me from room to room. It’s like they hear me walk from one room to another upstairs. Tried to get a hold of the landlord before writing this entry, but there isn’t any answer to complain about these demons below me. I’ll have to bring it up when I go to pay the rent tomorrow evening.

Well, I got to go take a shower and shave, maybe I’ll feel better after that. First I got to finish this coffee, so I don’t fall asleep in the shower and smash my head on the tub or something. Gosh, the damn headache is still banging though.

I’ll watch Jimmy Neutron while having this coffee.


OH, that place. That Apartment with not only paper-thin walls but also paper-thin floors and ceilings! Coincidentally, this b*tch I would later find out would hook up with a cousin of mine and she completely f**ced him over and made a false police report on him claiming he beat her.

She was a crack wh*re who would date a man and take him for all they got and then make up some story to the cops and get them in sh*t over something that never happened. She probably ended up dead or in prison, I don’t know.

It’s people like that that make actual abuse cases hard to believe these days because b*tches can make up bullsh*t stories about a man beating them and the world believes the lie.

Flashback Fridays Chapter 15

@ The Movies – Flashback Fridays Chapter 15

February 28th, 2005 by MacBros

Just got finished watching the movie ‘Cursed’, and it wasn’t that bad.. for a Comedy that is. If this movie was intended to be a horror film, the only curse is on the movie when it comes time to do the tally at the box office.

The movie wasn’t all that bad, it did get a chuckle out of me a couple of times throughout the movie. If you’re looking for a lot of gore and shock value from a movie, this isn’t the movie for you then.

I can honestly say that before watching this flick, I actually thought it was supposed to be a gory, scary, horror movie. But after watching it, I feel it should fall under the comedy section right alongside ‘Not Another Teen Movie’ and ‘Scary Movie 1, 2, and 3′. If you’re into these types of movies, then I’d recommend this one, if not, well I can’t help ya’ there.

Well, I’ve got to cook dinner. F**ken starved. Hmmm, maybe some, red meat. :P


My taste in movies was pretty lame back then it seems. I just watched the trailer from Cursed and it actually looks pretty good. But it does look like a Scary Movie or Not Another Teenage Movie though.

I don’t remember what the movie was like now, it was back in 2005 in my defence.

Flashback Fridays Chapter 15

EMERGENCY!! IMPORTANT!!!! PLEASE READ!!! – Flashback Fridays Chapter 15

February 28th, 2005 by MacBros

If you receive an email entitled “Bedtimes” delete it IMMEDIATELY! Do not open it.

Apparently, this one is pretty nasty. It will not only erase everything on your hard drive but also delete anything on disks within 20 feet of your computer. It demagnetizes the strips on ALL of your credit cards. It reprograms your ATM access code, screws up the tracking on your VCR, and uses subspace field harmonics to scratch any CDs you attempt to play.

It will program your phone to auto-dial to call only 0898 numbers. This virus will also mix antifreeze into your fish tank. IT WILL CAUSE YOUR TOILET TO FLUSH WHILE YOU ARE SHOWERING. It will drink ALL your beer.

FOR GOD’S SAKE, ARE YOU LISTENING?? It will leave dirty underwear on the coffee table when you expect company. It will replace your shampoo with Nair and your Nair with Rogaine.

If the “Bedtimes” message opens in a Windows 95/98 environment, it will leave the toilet seat up and leave your hair dryer plugged in dangerously close to a full bathtub!! It will not only remove the forbidden tags from your mattresses and pillows, but it will also refill your skim milk with whole milk.


And if you don’t send this to 5000 people in 20 seconds, you’ll fart so hard that your right leg will spasm and shoot straight out in front of you, sending sparks that will ignite the person nearest you.

Send this warning to everyone — NOW!!!

Right now, as you read this, 17 Million people are having SEX!!!
And look at you – you’re on the computer YOU LOSER !!!!

HA!! HAAaaa!

OMG! I actually had people ask if this was real or not! Proof, that people can be idiots.

I have always said, we need to start adding bleach to the gene pool.

Flashback Fridays Chapter 15

American Idol – Flashback Fridays Chapter 15

February 28th, 2005 by MacBros

I’ve been watching this season’s American Idol, and I have to say that Americans may have a hard time choosing their next idol. The guys are rawking the stage every show. From what I can tell, this season is in the guy’s court and Bo seems to be pulling it off and giving Simon absolutely nothing bad to say.

I hope this season’s Canadian Idol we pick the suitable Idol. Last 2003’s show I don’t know what the f**c the Canadians were thinking when they voted Ryan Malcolm over Billy Klippert. Last year we didn’t have that much to choose from but Kalan Porter was an alright choice I guess.

Just my 2cents.

This may be the last segment on American Idol that I share here. I was a fan of the show when it started, but definitely not now. It was good at the time but is weird that it is still running after all the controversy.

Canadian Idol didn’t last long thankfully. I remember losing my sh*t when Ryan won over Billy. I was WTF are Canadians listening to.

Flashback Fridays Chapter 15 Conclusion…


Well, this concludes Flashback Fridays Chapter 15. Let me know in the comments if you like this whole idea of Flashback Fridays being posted every week. Or don’t. I don’t have a lot of commenters here anyway, just a lot of readers and lookie-loos.

If you enjoyed this Flashback Fridays Chapter 15 post, be sure to come back next week for Flashback Fridays Chapter 16.

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