Flashback Fridays
Flashback Fridays Chapter 26. Weekly posts on Fridays called "Flashback Fridays" take a look back at the first 20 years of my blogging adventure.
Flashback Fridays Chapter 26
Flashback Fridays Chapter 26

Flashback Fridays Chapter 26

Flashback Fridays Chapter 26
Flashback Fridays Chapter 26

Here is Flashback Fridays Chapter 26, a weekly series of entertaining flashbacks of blog posts I’ve written over the past 20 years of blogging. It’s surreal to consider that I’ve been blogging for 20 years.

Using the Wayback Machine to select a few old posts that we believe would be interesting and humorous and post them each week in this Flashback Fridays series. So, let’s take a look at what was going through my mind all those years ago.

When I was younger, I was such a nerd. Please use your discretion when reading these posts because I used profanity a lot.

Let’s get to Flashback Fridays Chapter 26!

Flashback Fridays Chapter 26

Bu,Bu,Bu,Beer, Beer, Beer, Beer! – Flashback Fridays Chapter 26

June 30th, 2005 by MacBros

Apparently, the Beer Gardens is on tonight. Oops! Got the day wrong, guess I’m gonna have to get my business done tonight! Beer stocked in the fridge too. Since tomorrow the Beer store is closed because of the holiday I had to get my “liquid Gold” The gift of life! Brave Juice, Instant Genious Juice! You know? “K” !!??

Well, I’ve got things to see and people to do.

What a fitting post for today, I have my beer on right now as a matter of fact.

There’s almost nothing better than getting home after a hard and gruelling day working in the heat and then finishing the day with a nice cold Alexander Keith’s IPA. And just FYI, I’m just starting my K’s now.

Flashback Fridays Chapter 26

Drink Tower! – Flashback Fridays Chapter 26

July 16th, 2005 by MacBros

Oh my f**cen god! Did you know that there is an invention out there that will save you lots of time from having to get up off your lazy asses to get another refill of beer?

Well yes, there is! It’s called the Drink Tower. You can bring it with you to them pubs that supply draft by the gallons and if you’re at home and feeling too damn lazy to get up to get another beer, just pull the lever and refill that glass.

Just think about it, You can satisfy that growing alcoholic problem you have with a continuous supply of booze. But that’s not all, the drain on your bank account to keep this monster-filled will also have you standing on the corner of the beer store beggin’ for funds to keep the b*tch full.

You don’t think you’ll drink the beer that fast? Well, don’t you worry, the people or yourself that like piss warm beer will get their treat too because there’s absolutely no cooling to the damn thing at all!

So fork out $110 and get your useless drinking contraption so you can drink your piss-warm beer and dream what it would be like to actually have friends come over to pour their very own glass of piss-warm beer!

This goes into a weird area.
This is my opinion on this thing, and you’re entitled to it.

Back in the day when I did go to the Pubs and drank that awful garbage called draft, I probably would have found this useful. Unfortunately, it would be gross to drink warm beer though.

Flashback Fridays Chapter 26

Virtual Bartender – Flashback Fridays Chapter 26

July 17th, 2005 by MacBros

This one is for the guys. And the gals if they’re into that sorta of thing too I suppose.
Anyway, I found this little bitty that I’m sure you’ll like.

You can ask them to do anything. Serious! Even choke the chicken too. Go ahead and ask them if you don’t believe me. ASK THEM!

Do you remember those websites that would allow you to type in a prompt and the person in the video would actually do it? Well, this Beer.Com one had one of those with a bartender that would perform pretty much any task you told it to.

Back then that was the trending thing that every website was trying to do before the TikTok and YouTube challenges took over.

Flashback Fridays Chapter 26

Fantastic 4 – Flashback Fridays Chapter 26

July 17th, 2005 by MacBros

What was with all the hype over this movie? It was an OK flick, but for what they put into it with all the media, I was expecting more. Sure there was a chuckel here and there with the antics between Ben and Flame dude, but I wanted more.

If I hadn’t paid any attention to the hype, I would have liked the movie as it was, but since I let the hype get to me, I was disappointed. I also got the feeling that the movie was rushed. One moment we’re on this space station, a storm hits and then all of a sudden we’re battling this badass at the end and IMHO the battle was over before it started.

I liked the movie and will probably get the DVD rental when it comes out, but I’ll be renting War of the Worlds first.

Friend Corey said,

……its better than Batman by a mile, IMO, and better than War of the Worlds (which I liked)

It was better than Batman, but not even close to War of the Worlds. War of the Worlds was way better than Fantastic Four. He musta been smokin’ some of that wackie Tabackie.

That’s my opinion, and you’re entitled to it.

Is it just me who hates it when Movie trailers hype their movies so much that when you eventually see it, it doesn’t hold up to all the hype? They make it so you get all pumped up over the trailer and when you actually watch the full movie you’re all, “WTF?”

Fantastic 4 was definitely not better than War of the Worlds.

Flashback Fridays Chapter 26

Oh, Look! A Fartaphone! – Flashback Fridays Chapter 26

July 18th, 2005 by MacBros

Just what everybody needs! A Fart-a-Phone! I found this from one of the ads that were displayed on my site. I have no idea why these funny ads are showing. But they’re making for a great topic. :))

Who writes this stuff?

Are your farts too unbelievable to be heard just the once? Then the Fartaphone fart recording key chain is your perfect ally.

Oh did you hear that one!?
Oh damn, I wish I had a recorder to record my farts!

I don’t think I’ve ever had a conversation like that, but apparently, they think this is a product that’s needed. Do people actually buy this crap? (Excuse the pun)

I don’t know about you, but I’m more for the one-cheek-sneek and blaming it on the other guy, not announcing it and replaying it back.

That’s my opinion, and you’re entitled to it.

I left the link to the Wayback post. It may or may not work for you. It still works for me at the time of this post apparently and you can test it out.

It was basically a key fob-like dongle that you could use to record your farts and replay them whenever you liked. Yes, you read that right! Record your farts and play them back.

Remember this is before Facebook and TokTok kids. We were starving for entertainment.

Flashback Fridays Chapter 26 Conclusion…

Conclusion - Flashback Fridays Chapter 25

Well, this concludes Flashback Fridays Chapter 26. Let me know in the comments if you like this whole idea of Flashback Fridays being posted every week. Or don’t. I don’t have a lot of commenters here anyway, just a lot of readers and lookie-loos.

If you enjoyed this Flashback Fridays Chapter 26 post, be sure to come back next week for Flashback Fridays Chapter 27.

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