Food Prices
Food Prices are getting really insane now. People are going hungry.
Food Prices

Food Prices Keep climbing and people are going to get desperate

Food Prices

If the price of food isn’t already high enough here we are being told that it’s not over yet, and I’m pissed off! Food prices in Canada are going up — again. Canada’s Food Price Report 2022 forecasts an overall food price increase of 5% to 7% for the coming year, the highest predicted increase in food prices since the inception of the report twelve years ago. The most significant increases are predicted for dairy and restaurants at 6% to 8%, and bakery and vegetables at 5% to 7%.

What I don’t get is that meat like hot dogs and pork which were the affordable things to get are also being priced way too high. I was getting a package of hot dogs at $2-$3 a couple of years ago and now you are going to pay over $10. A family pack of Pork Chops at around $7-$8 is now priced at $14+ now.

I don’t think the pigs and cows are eating more than they did last year. Sure they’re going to blame it on the cost of Grain which is bullsh*t when a lot of that comes from our own farmers and they still blame it on Ukraine and Covid. Did the plants get COVID also? This is all greed, nothing else.

Loblaws did their sleazy offering of price-freezing “Their No Name Brand” products, so you would buy more of their garbage instead of other brands. This is after they hiked the prices first. A**holes. These a**hole corporations are getting richer while people are getting poorer.

Me hungry

There are news reports about people filling their shopping carts and just bolting to their cars without paying because they can’t afford to buy food. They’re desperate and willing to go to jail just to feed their families.

The food banks are struggling to supply their clients with their Monthy Food Rations because their client list is growing faster now because people are seeking their help.

The government needs to step in

Food prices are way too high and corporations are making record profits. How does that make any sense? They are entrusted with supplying the people with food items so they can survive, but they’re taking advantage of their positions just to turn a profit. The Government needs to step in and slap some rich f**cers in the head. People are starving while they sit in their mansions having dinners that they don’t finish and throw in the garbage.

Food prices need to be lowered according to corporate profits. The way it should be is that if profits are high, then food prices should drop. These companies shouldn’t be allowed to profit like this. They didn’t invent the grocery business, they are a staple in the survival of the people. It is their JOB to make food available, to the people, not to make an insane profit to line their pockets.


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I like many others can imagine being pretty angry over all this corporate greed over food prices. The fact that people are getting rich from the food people need is just disgusting. There have to be some laws put in place to protect the consumer from this disgusting practice, it’s been allowed for far too long now.

Corporations Like Loblaws and Sobeys have to have a cap on their profits when the economy gets to these crazy times we’re experiencing now. They should not be allowed to profit while the country is struggling to feed itself. This bullsh*t with the Loblaws price freeze is just saying, “Let them have cake, but only our cake.”

OK, I think I managed to get some of that off my chest. I could rant some more but I have to go and take care of other matters. Post your comments below if you have any stories on the way food prices have affected you or someone you know.

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