Fortnite Class-Action Lawsuit

Quebec Court Moves Forward Fortnite Class-Action Lawsuit – Promotes Bad Parenting 101

Fortnite Class-Action Lawsuit
Fortnite Class-Action Lawsuit

This Fortnite class-action lawsuit is a joke!

Are you f'n kidding me?

What is it about parents these days that if someone speaks up and tells them that they shouldn’t let their kid do something, the parent will become this defensive coddling monster and rip off your head, telling you to mind your own business? However, if you do nothing and their kid develops into a game-addicted brat with mental issues, it is everyone else’s fault for not raising their child for them.

Are you f**king kidding me?! Why is this a game problem when it’s obviously a parenting problem? I just shook my head in disbelief when I heard on the news that the Quebec Appeal Court had rejected the Fortnite creator’s challenge of the class-action lawsuit. This is nothing but a bad parenting problem and they’re going to try and cash out on it by blaming the world for their parenting failures.

I don’t like the game much, but that’s only because I’m terrible at it and can’t manage to last more than 10 seconds before I get snipped by some brat whose parents won’t restrict their gameplay. After a few hours, I just ended up rage-quitting the game, so I deleted it. I wasn’t out of pocket because it was free.

The Fortnite class-action lawsuit is nothing but a money grab

Fortnite class-action lawsuit

The suit was first brought to the courts in 2019 by three Quebec parents who claimed that Fortnite was designed to addict its users, many of them children, to the game. The company behind the game argued insufficient evidence children become addicted.

Parents who claim their children became addicted to the well-known online video game Fortnite were able to file a class-action lawsuit, and it was upheld by the Quebec Court of Appeal.

A Superior Court judge should never have approved the class action, according to attorneys for Fortnite creator Epic Games, who asked for permission to appeal the ruling. They claimed that the plaintiffs had not provided sufficient proof that children were addicted to the game, so the judge should have refused to allow the class action.

Additionally, Epic Games contended that the second claim, which claimed that kids who bought in-game currency were exploited, should not have been accepted.

More info on the case is here…

I think the judges are getting a payout

The court’s conclusion that the children are being coerced into purchasing useless items like armor, swords, and weapons, among other things, suggests that someone is passing the buck in this situation. Where did these kids get the credit card to use to make these purchases, this is the question I have. The parents that allowed their kids to use their credit cards to make these purchases are the ones who are guilty.

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Parents are merely venting in this Fortnite class-action lawsuit because their parenting strategy of putting their children in front of the TV to play video games rather than having to actually take care of their own spawn didn’t turn out as they had hoped.


Fortnite class-action lawsuit

Parents must stop blaming the outside world for their poor parenting choices. This Fortnite class-action lawsuit may pave the way for further absurd claims that video games are to blame for all of the violence in the world and for the fact that their attempts to raise their children were a failure.

I really hope Fortnite prevails in this conflict because it will make it more difficult for idiots to sue gaming companies in an effort to obtain a free meal. As if games weren’t already expensive enough, crap like this makes them even more expensive by increasing the cost of production to pay for the legal fees necessary to defend against these bogus legal claims.

What are your thoughts on this Fortnite class-action lawsuit? Is it warranted? Do you believe this is more of a parenting problem and not a gaming problem? Post your opinions below.


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