From Back Pain to COVID Games My Comical Tale of Survival Feature
Life handed me a backache, then partied hard with COVID, turning me into a snotty symphony maestro, and a tissue typhoon survivor. COVID conclusion? It sucks!

Back pain with a side of COVID

Life’s been giving us the silent treatment around these parts, but truth be told, it’s been less of a peaceful zen garden and more of a “hold onto your hats!” amusement park ride on this end. Just the other week, my back decided it wanted to emulate a 90s arcade machine and threw itself out of alignment. And let me tell you, ever since, I’ve been waltzing with back pain like it’s my new, very unwelcome dance partner.

By the time I shuffle in from the ol’ grind, I’m about as energetic as a sloth after Thanksgiving dinner, and focusing on posting updates feels like trying to thread a needle while riding a unicycle. So, bear with me as I find a way to evict my clingy pain-in-the-back roommate and get back to our regularly scheduled programming!

Attempting to compose a masterpiece of a blog post while your back is throwing a tantrum is akin to tickling the ivories of a piano that’s randomly wired to deliver electric shocks. Every keystroke becomes a daring adventure as you navigate through the treacherous landscape of discomfort, half expecting a ninja to deliver swift kicks to your spine each time your fingers dance across the keyboard. But fear not, for every wince is but a punctuation in the epic saga of your writing journey!

But wait! There’s More!

Last Wednesday, my girl snagged a VIP pass to the COVID party, complete with the full experience: a symphony of aches, an interpretive dance of pains, a solo cough concert, and let’s not forget the snotty nose noisemaker. Meanwhile, there I was, puffing my chest and strutting around in superhero satisfaction because—surprise—I wasn’t the plus-one to her viral gala. I boasted like a knight in shining armour, immune to the viral serfdom, declaring in my most kingly voice, “No mere microbe can make me bow! I, THE MAN, am invincible!”

Well, as fate would have it, come the glorious dusk of Saturday, I began to feel a tad bit under the weather. Fast forward to Sunday, and voilà—I had morphed into COVID’s latest mascot.

COVID Test results
My COVID test results

There’s nothing like a tiny, microscopic organism to teach you the true meaning of humility, eh? So there I was, the quintessential Man Baby in the grips of the dreaded lurgy, engaged in a full-blown sniffly opera. I was the maestro of aches and the conductor of a relentless mucus symphony, complete with snotty noses and serenades of coughing fits. Let’s not forget the delightful cold sweats—nature’s own cruel twist on a ‘spa day.’ My sinuses were blazing like a bonfire, while my mucus membranes heroically battled the flames like an overzealous fire brigade.

Thank goodness for that little jab in the arm, right? They’re telling us that our current sniffles and cough symphony would be amplified to an epic 100-piece orchestra if it weren’t for those vaccines. Can you imagine? I’d be hitting that big red “EJECT” button on life if this achy-breaky dance marathon of mine cranked up a notch. As it stands, I’m over here waving the white flag, surrendering to the almighty couch, because this Grown-Up Toddler is officially down for the count with the ‘VID. 🤧👶🛌

Let COVID run its course.

Here I am, perched before my trusty laptop, chronicling the epic saga of my rendezvous with COVID. Clutching a steaming mug of tea like it’s the holy grail of throat comfort—seriously, it’s like a warm hug for your esophagus. Meanwhile, I’m unravelling yet another roll of toilet paper, turning it into nose confetti, since all my tissue boxes have waved the white flag. The scene around me looks like the aftermath of a tissue typhoon, or like a teen’s room after an ‘educational’ movie marathon.

My better half has finally wrestled her way out of COVID’s clutches, but alas, her sniffer’s out of commission. Bright side? She’s blissfully unaware of the nocturnal toot orchestra under the sheets. Meanwhile, I’m playing host to every ache known to humankind, nursing a cough that’s more persistent than a telemarketer, and dealing with a nose that won’t stop running – it must be training for a marathon. But hey, I can still relish the aroma of freshly brewed coffee and savour a spicy taco – knock on wood.

COVID Conclusion…


So, here’s the thrilling conclusion to our little COVID saga; if Shakespeare was alive, he might’ve penned, “All’s Well That Snots Well.” As I sit here, surrounded by the Great Wall of Tissue Boxes, I’m reminded that every snort, cough, and sniffle is a testament to the human spirit’s resilience—or maybe just to the durability of toilet paper when you run out of Kleenex.

But let’s be honest, we’ve all gained a PhD in Pandemic-ology over these past years, haven’t we? Mastered the art of the elbow bump, the intricate ballet of mask-wearing, and, of course, perfected our home remedies. Somehow, amidst the cacophony of coughs and the symphony of sniffles, we find a way to laugh in the face of fevers and chuckle at chills. I’m making a mental note to stock up on comfort foods and cheesy movies—the ultimate survival kit for the sniffle season.

As the final curtain falls on my solo COVID show, I extend a warm (and sanitized) invitation to join the conversation. Muster every ounce of strength you have left, drag your aching body over to the comment section below, and share your tale of viral woe. Did you dodge the COVID bullet with just a mere tickle in your throat, or were you the star of a week-long mucus monologue? We’ve all got stories to tell—some might involve a Netflix marathon, while others could include a dramatic rendition of ‘Survivor.’

Spill the tea (figuratively, the literal stuff is precious right now) and let us know: Have you had an unforgettable brush with the ‘VID, or did it pass by like a shy wallflower at the dance of diseases? Share your survival tips, your go-to comfort snacks, or just vent about the fact you had to say goodbye to your taste buds for a while. Your stories and strategies might just be the lifeline another wayward soul needs amidst their sniffle saga.

So, all you brave souls who’ve cradled that positive test like a badge of honour, or those who’ve miraculously remained untouched (how do you do it?), let’s hear about your journey through the wildlands of sniffles and the tempest of tissues. Comment away—after all, they say laughter is the best medicine, and what’s a better dose than swapping tales with fellow warriors who’ve battled the beast?

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