Cute Pets compilation feature
I did up a cute pets compilation video I think should put a smile on your face.

Let me introduce you to some cute pets we have

cute pets

We’ve been busy today dealing with NFH again, but let’s try and get past that ugliness and let me show you a few of the fur babies that we have in our lives here at home. Before I get to the “Make you Awww” compilation video of our cute pets let me introduce you to them.

This rag-tag group of fur babies that we call our kids, and all pet owners will agree with how we call them kids because they are a handful and we spoil them rotten just like real mini humans.


This is my little spoiled rotten suck-up, Katie. She is a medium-sized Chiwawa who thinks she is people. She was the runt of the litter and we are so happy to have her in our lives and we are giving her the best life in return. She is always by my side wherever I go.

Performatrin Ultra dog food

Katies favorite treats are the Milk-Bone: Soft and Chewey Beef Steak. They are best from Amazon because they’re cheaper there than in grocery stores. Just so you know. You’ll save about $2. She also gets the best food and non of that cheap grocery store unhealthy garbage either. Performatrin Ultra dog food is grain-free and that is important for keeping your dogs healthy.

Katie is around 7 years old.

Cute pets - Katie


This is Princess. She was actually my parent’s little fur baby and we took her in after both my parents passed away in 2016 and 2017. My brother took her in at first but wasn’t looking after her so I basically petnapped her and she’s been a lot happier since. She’s put on a lot of weight, LOL.

Ultra Senior dog food

Princess is such a funny goofball also. But she wasn’t always so full of energy running around playing with the rest of the family. There was a time when she could hardly walk or go up the steps to go in and out to go to the bathroom outside.

We ended up finding out that it makes a huge difference in what you feed your pets. We ended up buying Performatrin Ultra Senior dog food that’s grain free. Food made from grains is not good for your fur babies. It’s all we feed her, except a few plate craps because I’m weak when it comes to those puppy dog eyes, and now she’s jumping up on the couch and running around playing with Katie.

That’s here with her favorite teddy bear that she stole from my Nephew and hasn’t parted from it since. She can be pretty funny and goofy.

Princess is about 13-15 years old. She is a senior Shi Tzu.

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This is Ash. He is a rescue small Shi Tzu. He is also a senior and also gets the same food as Princess. He likes to sleep all day. Like to each cucumber but lately has a hard time doing that because his teeth are falling out. His mommy likes to give him funny haircuts as you can see below. LOL!

Ash is around 16 years old.

Cute Pets Ash

Missy and Chloe:

Missy and Chloe are both rescued from the SPCA in Oromocto. They also get the best food. Yup, you guessed it, Performatrin Ultra brand. Trust me, when you see how healthy and full of energy your pets are by spending a little more on healthy food, you’ll understand.

Missy is the Fluffy one on the left and the one in the box in the video. She is a real troublemaker, but she is forgiven easily when she gives me belly massages. She has some really stinky farts you’ll need to run away from also.

Chloe is a mellow and laid-back Ginger kitty. She likes to lay on her cat tree and sit in the open window watching the birds. She likes to cuddle with her Mommy more than me. She loves to get scratches under her chin.

Ungh, It’s so late I can’t even think straight and my writing is starting to sound like it was written by a Kindergarten kid. Go watch the video will ya’?

Missy and Chloe
Missy and Chloe

Now time for the Cute Pets compilation video!

Cute Pets

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