July 12, 2024
Funny animal compilation feature
Yes, this is another Funny Animal Compilation! Watch the damn thing because YouTube and FaceBook say you aren't, Prove them WRONG!

The web host is acting Crappy so enjoy this Funny Animal Compilation

funny animal compilation

My web hosting provider has been crapping the bed today. There is no way I would write a long 600 – 700 word post only to have it get lost in either of the botched-up crap jobs that are Web Hosting Hub.

99.99% uptime is a bullsh*t claim, as my site goes down 2-3 times a night EVERY night, on low traffic. It sh*ts its pants when it has to do a backup, using a PREMIUM plugin THEY actually offer for free with their plans!

But that’s another post altogether. So while the site was down for most of the day, I put this Pet video together. I hope you enjoy it.

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