Funny Video Throwback
This Funny Video Throwback is a few old videos that are still as funny as there were the first day they were posted. #FunnyVideos
Funny Video Throwback
Funny Video Throwback

A funny video throwback post

Funny Video Throwback

A long time ago, at a time when the creative me had a lot of time on his hands and really good computers to create works of art that were posted on his old and popular website, I made stupid and funny videos.

But those days have come and gone due to neglect and adulting responsibilities, and my arch nemesis, financial burdens. Things went south for me there for a while because of bad people whom I put my trust in and they betrayed that trust resulting in me having to put all my fun projects on the back burner.

Now that I have cut all of those cancerous relationships out of my life, I can finally start the long-drawn process of restarting and trying to get back to what I once loved doing again. That would be getting back into posting funny videos and other media-related fun projects. But first getting my old setup back together and a high-end computer to use in creating my works of art.

Now, the videos below are old. I put them together a very long time ago. Some were even recorded using a cheap Logitec Web Cam so the quality may be crappy, and the aspect ratios are old school also. So don’t be all, “Those videos are so crappy!” because when they were actually made they were considered pretty good in that day in time. Be gentle.

Gotta Git Cat

This is a funny cat video of my two cats Buddy and Brain. The first two cats that I ever owned in my life. Sadly they have passed away years ago. I swore I’d never get another pet and have to go through losing them ever again, and here we are with a house full of them still, but I still miss my Boobies and Pookies. Those were their Nicknames, heh heh.

Gotta Git Cat Funny Video

Harlem Shake – MacCats and Grumpy Cat

Here are my two snuggle bugs Buddy and Brain again.

Remember that trend that was going around with Harlem Shake? No? Before your time then, heh heh. If you do remember, then you’ll get this video. Everyone else was doing it so I thought I would try it also, but somebody quickly put a stop to it as you’ll see in the video below.

Harlem Shake Funny Video

Parrot yelled, “Look At The Squirrel!”

This is a video that comprises two separate videos edited together to make the one you see here. It features a Parrot looking out of a window and yelling, “Look at the squirrel! Look at the squirrel!” while there is a squirrel playing on a kid’s slide outside. In the end, he cusses something else when nobody else will listen to him.

Look at the squirrel funny video

Lobster Knife Fight!

In this funny video, you’ll see two lobsters having a knife fight. Somebody posted just the image of two lobsters in a knife fight, but I couldn’t help myself by adding the fight scene music from when Captain Kirk and Spock were forced to battle to the death in an old Star Trek TV show episode. Way better right?

Lobster Knife Fight Funny Video

Man Vs. Woman on T-Shirt Folding

Wow, this is really old. The video is so grainy because it was filmed on an old Logitec Web Cam.

There was this video of an Asian girl showing you how to easily fold your t-shirts into those neat squarelike ways you get when you first buy them at the store. Well, I showed how most guys will fold their T-Shirts in real life and how we men don’t really have the patience to even bother.

How to fold a T-Shirt funny video



The younger generation will probably think those videos were crap, I get it. Humor isn’t the same as it was back in the days of dial-up and slow DSL internet. Today’s generation doesn’t have the attention span to understand things the way they were, hence the reason Social Media apps like Tick Tock and Instagram are so popular.

I have to admit that those videos brought back some really great memories while I was posting this. I got that large lump feeling in my chest, no not a heart attack, because I really miss those days of just being stupid and making things that made other people smile or laugh. We didn’t have to worry about trolls behind their keyboards being assholes and crapping all over your work.

There doesn’t seem to be enough time in the day with adulting being a huge part of the day for me now. I hope things change for the better and getting back to doing the things that make me happy can be a thing again, especially now that I have somebody in my life to create these types of videos with.

I hope you enjoyed this trip down memory lane with me.


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