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The German Shepherd

Mac's Opinion - Blogger Reviews

German Sheppard And The Rabbit

I found my German Shepherd, Hondo, with the neighbor’s pet rabbit in its mouth. The rabbit was dead, and I panicked… I took the dirty, chewed-up rabbit into the house. I gave it a bath, blew dried its fur, and put it back into the cage at the neighbor’s house, hoping they would think it died of natural causes.

A few days later, the neighbor asked me, “Don, did you hear that Fluffy died?”

I said, “Um… no… what happened?”

The neighbor replied, “We found him dead in his cage one day, but the weird thing is that the day after we buried him, someone had dug him up, given him a bath, and put him back into the cage. There are some real sick people out there!”

Mac's Opinion - Blogger Reviews

Customers Can Be Complete Idiots and Definitely Not Always Right. (35 reasons)

 This! This right here is why we need to remove all warning labels so we can cleanse the human gene pool of these idiots.

Here are 35 reasons Customers can be complete idiotic morons.


Stupid People Doing Stupid Things


Stupid People Doing Stupid Things


Star Trek The Borg

James Webb Leaked Images They Don’t Want You To See

 The James Webb Telescope images they don’t want you to see have been leaked. These Exclusive images will shock you!

Star Trek The Borg

Captain Picard! Help us!

The Orville Kaylons Cruser

Where’s the Orville when you need it?

Star Wars Death Star

Help us Luke Skywalker! You’re our only hope.

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