July 13, 2024

Yeah, It is that hot

sweating temperatures
Yeah, it’s hot

How about this heatwave right!? This whole week has been a scorcher! It’s a good thing we have a couple of air conditioners in the house or I don’t think I would have been able to survive the heatwave.

Climate Change and This Heatwave Related?

If you believe that the heatwave and climate change aren’t related, then you have your head stuck in the mud, and you’re an idiot for ignoring all the current facts coming from around the world right now.

People are dying from this heat! That’s absolutely insane and sad that it happens in today’s modern times. You have all these big companies spewing waste and pollution into our atmosphere making things worse all just so they can line their pockets with money. You have billionaires wasting money on 10-minute space rides and social apps when that money could go to better use. I get that it’s their money and they can do what they please with it, but at least show some kind of responsibility to the planet you inhabit. That’s just my opinion that you’re entitled to.

Mainstream Media Milking This For All It’s Worth?

Wow! Did you know there’s a heatwave happening over in the UK? If you don’t you’re living under a rock because that’s all you ever hear about with the mainstream media these past weeks. It’s true that it’s really bad there right now, but they aren’t the only ones having to deal with extreme heat problems in the world. Here in Canada, we’re dealing with extreme heat and fires also. Yet all mainstream media is reporting on is the UK. The whole frigging world is on fire if you haven’t realized that yet.

We have to do better!

I know we all need electricity and material things, but wouldn’t it be nice if we all got clean energy? And all the material items we buy were made from recycled material and things weren’t so disposable? I would use more sustainable products if they weren’t so damn expensive. So why aren’t the Heads of the World focusing on making that more affordable? For example, if I have to choose between a $2 non-sustainable item and an exact item that’s sustainable for $5, I’m going to get that $2 item. Simply because everything is so expensive and I need to nickel and dime everything.

Off Track With This Rant

Soapbox Rant
My Soapbox

Woah! Sorry, all I wanted to do was mention the heatwave we’re all having and I went completely off track with this soapbox rant.

So yeah, it is bloody freaking hot outside. So doing anything outside like yard work and mowing the lawn is out of the question. Just letting the dogs out to go do their thing is a lot to cope with. The dogs don’t care much for the heat either. We haven’t even sat out in the gazebo at all this month. It’s too darn hot out there!

How are you coping?

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