Happy Caturday
Start off your Happy Caturday with these adorable pics of our furry felines. Also, we would love a Vote from you to help us out.
Happy Caturday
Happy Caturday!

This is an excellent way to start off a Happy Caturday

Happy Caturday
funny cats

We are huge cat lovers, as anyone who knows us will attest. Of all the animals, they must be the most endearing and distinctively spirited individuals.

We actually adore all animals and have a variety of furry family members, but today we’re focusing on feline creatures with 10 Funny cat pictures of, well, cats. Funny cats.

Also at the end, there is a contest we entered that we would like you to help us with by simply casting a vote for our two adorable cats, Missy and Chloe.

Cat Café

A couple of naughty kitties

Dinnertime Horror Show Kitty

Please vote for Missy and Chloe

Please vote for Missy and Chloe
Please Vote for Missy and Chloe



Well, I hope this makes up for not getting around to posting yesterday. We were hit with a bit of snow storm and I was busy outside with snow removal. Thankfully I got the snowblower fixed last week. Otherwise, I’d be up the creek trying to clear the yard.

Please cast a vote for our two little girls Missy and Chloe for a pet contest. The winnings aren’t a whole lot, but it would buy them a bunch of cat stuff to get spoiled with. If you do cast a Vote, let us know in the comments below so we can thank you.

Cheers, or should I should say, “MEOW!

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