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Happy Labour Day to everyone in Canada today! Also Happy Labor Day to the folks down south in the eUSA.

Today is the Labour Day holiday.

Labour Day

People are probably enjoying their Labour Day weekend even though today is the actual day of the holiday. A lot of BBQing will be going on. We had our BBQ Steaks yesterday and wow, it was good!

But as far as it is a holiday for this household, we are still all working. We won’t be getting the day off with the rest of the country. We have jobs that really never see a holiday off.

And since we’re still having to go to work and almost everything is closed, there really isn’t much to do on this long weekend. A lot of people go camping or go out to their cottages during this holiday weekend. Must be nice though.

What is Labour Day in Canada?

Labour Day is a statutory public holiday in Canada that occurs on the first Monday in September. It is one of several Labour Day celebrations that occur in countries around the world. The Canadian celebration of Labour Day occurs on the same day each year as Labor Day in the United States.

The annual holiday that is observed in the United States and Canada celebrates the economic and social contributions of workers. It was first nationally recognized in 1894 both in Canada and the United States. The holiday began as an event organized by trade unions in support of workers who had been on strike in order to obtain higher wages and to celebrate their victory.

Labour Day in Canada is similar to International Workers Day, which is held on May 1st in most countries and is in fact called May Day in certain ones like Greece.

Most businesses and services in Toronto are closed on Labour Day Monday.



I hope everyone in Canada and The United States is enjoying their day off today. If you have to work today like the girlfriend and I do then enjoy that extra time and a half pay, right?! To be honest, I would have liked to sleep in this morning because we both had a really hard time waking up for some strange reason. Probably burnout.

What will you be doing today before the rest of the nation has to go back to work tomorrow? Still out camping? Or are you just gonna be a couch potato and NetFlix and chill?

This just in… I just found out what Netflix and chill means, but if that’s what you wanna do with your time, that’s completely your choice, LOL!

Anyway, enjoy the rest of your Labour Day long weekend.


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