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That’s right! You read the title correctly!

I have a Blackberry Playbook and a iPhone 4 still!

“WHAAAAAAAT!!!?”, you may ask….

Yes, I’m ancient. Not because I buy technology late in the game, but rather the opposite!

You see, I got my brand spanking new iPhone  4 back on June 24th 2010, after I saw my friend marvel over his iPhone 3G. O’ yea, that new tech, but I had to have BETTER! So I went and got myself locked into a Three Year Contract with Rogers Wireless (Worst Thing EVER to do BTW) just so I could one up EVERYBODY ELSE!!!!  WOOO HOOOO!!! I have the iPhone 4! I’m showing my sh*t off and it felt GOOOD!

That was until three weeks later (It Felt) that the iPhone 4s was just released!

Pffft! I thought…

I’v been using this phone all the way up to this point in time! Still works, and the apps are still supported just like the phone… Just can’t go beyond  the current OS. YES I suspect that eventually this device will be useless with little to NO support in the future. But I bet that will still be in a few years. Remember how long that Nokia Brick Phone lasted!?!?!?

Mac's Opinion - The place where everyone is entitled to my opinion

Then! I got this NEW and CHEAPER alternative to the new and VERY EXPENSIVE iPad., but from a very reputable company!!
A Company who cares about their customers and their device security, and blah blah, blah!

It was first released for sale on April 19, 2011, in Canada and the United States. One year after the iPhone 4. I never got my Playbook till 2013. And even before that year was over RIM decides to just DROP all support for this device. AND Every developer along with them.
If I’m wrong, then why hasn’t the Facebook app been updated since 2012? Or why there is NOTHING in terms of YouTube Apps, That FORCED APP doesn’t even work now!!!

Apple is good in taking care of ALL customers, but RIM… You bailed and dropped us off at the curb. We can’t get Sh*t from RIM on this playbook, but full support still runs with Apple on a device that is OLDER than Playbook.

RIM, should offer to replace all PLAYBOOKS with their new tabs…..

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