I Have No Umph Today – Toothaches and Hangovers

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I may have overdone it again… Toothaches and Hangovers Edition

toothaches and hangovers

I seem to have gone and done it again, LOL! I had a lot of fun last night with the wobbly pops while playing the PlayStation 5 and now I’m feeling a wee bit hungover.

I really need to buy some of these Hangover Pills if I’m going to continue doing this to myself. Unfortunately, I don’t and I feel completely drained today.

I’m running on empty…

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I’m completely drained of energy, and that is what my hangovers are always like. No headaches, just the complete lack of Umph.

The only ache I have though is this nasty toothache that has been bugging me for the past two weeks now. I have dental surgery next month to get a bunch of cavities extracted. That’ll be fun. Not.

But it’ll be worth it not having to deal with these damn toothaches all the time. Unlike Hangover pills, Tylenol doesn’t last long to fight toothaches.
The wobbly pops helped a lot last night though, LOL. Too bad for the toothaches and hangovers today though.


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So due to the teeny weeny hangover and toothaches today, this is all I have for a blog post today. I have no motivation today at all to write anything other than this post about my toothaches and hangovers.

Come back tomorrow, I have a few things on my mind in the works.


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