idiots in cars
Watch as these eight idiots in cars make terrible driving decisions, from cutting off other drivers to reckless lane changes. It's a reminder that some people simply shouldn't be allowed behind the wheel.

When you see these idiots in cars you’ll wonder how they are even allowed to drive

In this video, you’ll see how idiots in cars shouldn’t be behind the wheel. It’s almost like they can’t even see us driving on the roadway.

The idiots in this video really need to have their driver’s licenses revoked. They’re all lucky I’m the type of driver who always keeps an eye open for idiots behind the wheel and pays attention while driving, unlike a lot of other drivers on the road these days.

They all just love to cut me off by driving out in front of me while I’m barreling down at them. Not sure if our car has a cloaking device on it because it seems we’re invisible to them. And in all of those instances, there were no cars behind us at all, but they still had to pull out in front of us instead of waiting till we passed by to pull out safely.

The last part of the video is of a trucker who thought it would be OK to just drive across somebody’s flower bed with their huge tires creating deep ruts into the ground. And if that wasn’t enough, he just drove over the flower pot afterwards. I just put them out there so people WOULDN’T drive on the lawn for f**c sake!

The spotter for the trucker saw it all and didn’t even acknowledge their f**c up, nor did they even apologize for destroying our property. Yea, I was pissed off.

Idiots in cars, idiots for neighbours, and just idiots everywhere. We’ve got the trifecta!

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