I'm Back! And Starting from scratch
Welcome back to my crazy rants and musings.

 So what did I miss?

I'm Back!

I’ve been busy working and trying to make ends meet. I haven’t really had the time to do anything online. I have mostly been on Facebook staying in contact with friends and family who will still put up with my sh*t. LOL.

I’ve been gone from blogging on a regular basis, especially with my own domain. My previous domain macbrosplace.com has been taken and used as a garbage site to scam people. It had a really good PR rating and they’ve probably destroyed that. 

Started a Facebook page that I will probably link this site to it. Probably rebrand everything over the coming months. Hopefully I can start generating some revenue from my blog again.

So yeah, I’ve been around. Just not in the spotlight. Hopefully, I can get this show rolling again like before.

I wish I could get into details about where I’ve been but that is a part of my life and people that I want to forget. Let’s just say that you really don’t know people at all and they can throw you under the bus just to protect their ass at any time. That’s all that I’ll say about that.

In 2015 my mother got Breast Cancer and lost her battle in 2016, and then a year later in 2017 my Father died of Pulmonary Fibrosis. Both were taken away in the worst and most horrifying way. Nobody should have to watch a loved one go that way. So that was a huge hole left in my life and it’s been really hard not having them both in my life. Especially now that I have a wonderful and beautiful girlfriend that I’ve been with for the past 3 years. Mom would have loved to have gotten to know her.

 Life’s Memories

It seems a lot of my fellow bloggers aren’t around I see. I know two of them that have both passed away which is really sad. Larry and Teeny were both loving and caring online friends.

Larry helped me out by buying me a bunch of Groceries when I was struggling way back when jobs were hard to get. We played Angry Birds on Facebook a lot trying to beat each other’s scores. He would always tease me about how the weather warmed up there months before it did here. Vancouver seemed to get their summer early. Sad day when I found out he had passed in his sleep

Teeny, she would be a frequent reader of my previous blog and comment a lot on it. She and I shared links and both loved Weird Al Music. She had a contest one time and I won an MP3 Player. She was a crochet person and would make a lot of cute things. She had cancer and fought that off but unfortunately, it came back years later and took her from the world.

Starting From Scratch

So since I couldn’t use my old domain name from my previous blog, I had to come up with something that would relate to what my content will comprise. My old blog had a tagline saying, “Everybody’s entitled to my opinion.” and just for the hell of it, I thought that might actually be a great domain name. So I tried macsopinion.com and to my surprise it was available! And so here we are! Starting over. Starting from scratch.

I was using blogger for posting things, but I really didn’t keep it up by posting on a regular basis. I imported the content from my blogger account because not only do I need some content here, it’s stuff I actually want to share and is relevant to this blog. So over the coming days, you’ll see more and more content here. I’ll be posting things related to gaming, photoshopping images, paid reviews, jokes, and life in general. I may even post some offensive things that may or may not be liked. I’m not a terrible person, I’m not racist, but whatever I do post about will be my opinion, and you’re entitled to it.

I hope you are a frequent reader and comment on the topics I post. So let’s get to it, shall we?

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