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Is There Such Thing As Easy Money?

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Yes. Yes, there is!

In the past, no bank would give me the light of the day when I went to them looking for financial help. Not even a used car dealership would look at me. My credit was terrible, and I knew that. But I tried anyway, only to get laughed at.

I really needed some wheels because I was tired of forking out hundreds of dollars on taxi cabs every week. I was desperate.

I kept seeing these ads from Easy Financial and I knew their interest rates were high. Crazy high actually. But I needed a few thousand dollars just to get a cheap used car to get me on the road and not worry about having to fork out hundreds of dollars in taxis to get from work and back, or to and from grocery shopping.

So I gave Easy Financial a shot, and they approved me for a loan that was actually more than I expected. I’ll pretty much have to pay back double by the time the loan is paid off, but at least I got the cash to get a car. Yeah, I was desperate. I knew what I was getting into.

I just wanted to share that with you all. And if you too are desperate, and in need of some money to buy whatever it is that you need, but can’t get any help from any banks, then I would recommend going to Easy Financial and giving them a try. Don’t go for a huge amount of money, because like I said, they are high on interest and you’ll pay back double what you get.




I fell for their scam and I ended up paying more than double what I borrowed! I was making $300 monthly payments and only about $30 would actually go against the principle loan. There would be no way to pay that off in my lifetime. Luckily I was able to get a bank loan to pay off Easy Financial but at a cost. The bank loan had a WAY LOWER interest rate and I am able to finally pay it off.

This company should be illegal! They’re loan sharks! STAY AWAY!

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