World Honeybee Day
Let's show these little buggers some support today on world honeybee day. They're more important than we treat them and they are on a decline.

Let’s show these bug-gers the support they need on this World Honeybee Day.

world honeybee day

World Honey Bee Day falls on the third Saturday in August this year (2022) and brings a buzzing celebration for beekeepers, honey lovers, and all blooming things.

Today recognizes both the honeybee and the beekeepers who tend to the hives. It also encourages all honey lovers to enjoy and buy locally grown honey in their areas.

A honeybee (also spelled honey bee) is a eusocial flying insect within the genus Apis of the bee clade, all native to Afro-Eurasia. After bees spread naturally throughout Africa and Eurasia, humans became responsible for the current cosmopolitan distribution of honey bees, introducing multiple subspecies into South America (early 16th century), North America (early 17th century), and Australia (early 19th century).
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Why world honeybee day?

bees and flowers

The day includes learning about honey bees and providing them with a supportive environment. When we plant wildflowers, orchards, and other flowering plants, we support pollinators such as honeybees. They depend on the nectar of a variety of plants for their survival. Conversely, we depend on honeybees for our survival, too! Without their pollinating abilities, many nutritious plants wouldn’t reproduce. And I don’t know about you, but I like to eat.

We really need to focus on saving the bees.



So when you have your morning coffee or tea, why not swap that table sugar or sweetener out for some fresh honey from your local honey farmer? Plant some wildflowers, especially ones high in nectar. Create a livable habitat for them to build a hive. All in the name of World Honeybee Day.

Don’t kill a bee because it’s flying around you. They are passive and won’t bother you. They will only ever sting if they are threatened or you attack their hive. There’s no reason to be afraid of a honeybee, Wasps on the other hand… Those little pricks are just mean!
Happy World Honeybee day!

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