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Justin Trudeau is using Canadian Tax dollars to aid foreign countries but suggests a fundraiser for Hurricane Fiona victims.

Justin Trudeau just doesn’t get it does he?

Justin Trudeau
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How would you like it if somebody took your money from your pocket and gave it away and said it was a donation by them? You’d be pissed is what I would assume. Well, that’s basically what Justin Trudeau is doing with the Canadian tax dollars.

F it all

When I heard the news on how he will match the donations to the red cross to help the victims of Hurricane Fiona I thought it was a report from the Onion. And while he was in the Atlantic Provinces he was literally on the phone with the president of Ukraine assuring him that Canada will support them with big wads of cash!

He is literally going to ask Canadians to pay out of pocket with their own money to help the victims of Hurricane Fiona and then match the donations with Canadian Tax dollars that are still literally their own money. WTF is wrong with this idiot!?!? And then shell out billions of dollars to foreign countries in aid?

Those tax dollars are for Canadians to support Canadians in need, not foreign countries in need. Once we take care of our own and if we aren’t in debt, we can support other countries. Not the other way around.

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The way Justin Trudeau gives away money is almost like when Oprah gave all of her audience members a new car. You get a car, You get a car, and You get a car. But in Trudope fashion it’s You get some money, and you get some money, aaaand you get some money! All the while the actual Canadians are struggling to rebuild after Hurricane Fiona and are struggling with inflation and so on.

That dope head is so high on his own self-generated self-esteem and taking photo ops like he always does while the real people in need are suffering. I swear Justin Trudeau has his own hand on a stick just so he can pat himself on his own back.

The debt Canada must be in under his reign must be astonishing. Whoever gets voted into office to replace him is going to be overwhelmed with getting Canada out of debt because of Trudopes spending habits.


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