Kanye West YE feature
Kanye West AKA: YE has lost more than just his mind.
Kanye West AKA: YE
Kanye “YE” West

When it comes to shooting yourself in the foot, Kanye West does it best.

I don’t care much for the guy and never actually listened to any of his music, but he manages to pop up in my news feed and social media hangouts pretty much every other day. Ever since he started that thing with Taylor Swift on the stage at the VMAs he has been trending for something or another lately.

kanye west donda
Kanye West Donda – Omelette you finish

Companies Start To Officially Cut Ties With Kanye West

He was actually on my list of the Most Arrogant Celebrities post I did a while back and was the first one mentioned, he was even the feature image on that post, in his South Park version. As far as I’m concerned, somebody needs to step in and make him get help. People keep saying he should seek help, but that will never happen because I believe that he thinks his behavior is normal.

The fashion label Balenciaga no longer has “any relationship nor any plans for future projects related to this artist,” If you can call what he does art that is. Balenciaga began distancing itself from West following his controversial appearance on the podcast Drink Champs released last week, where he falsely claimed that George Floyd wasn’t murdered but killed by fentanyl and made even more antisemitic remarks. On Oct. 17, the fashion giant issued a statement saying West’s runway look from Balenciaga’s Spring 2023 show at Paris Fashion Week had been deleted from Vogue Runway, as well as the Balenciaga website.

And then ‘Drink Champs’ the podcast hosted by N.O.R.E. and DJ EFN, Pulled the Kanye West Episode Due to “False and Hurtful” Comments About George Floyd. After they cashed in on the episode first I bet.

“Drink Champs prides itself on its ability to allow a free flow of ideas within the hip hop community. That being said, unfortunately, the recent interview with West contained false and hurtful information regarding the circumstances surrounding the murder of George Floyd. Integrity is very important and we don’t want to promote false narratives on our platform. Our goal is to celebrate the culture, Therefore, we had no choice but to remove the episode from distribution. We apologize to the family of Mr. Floyd and anyone else hurt by this episode.”

Drink Champs

But wait! There’s more!

West's famous tweet
kanye west tweet

Endeavor CEO Ari Emanuel today called on companies doing business with West to end their relationships with the outspoken rapper.

Kanye West has been making the media rounds following his insane and infamous “Death Con 3” tweet, doubling down on his idiotic claims of alleged mistreatment by Jewish people.

“Those who continue to do business with West are giving his misguided hate an audience. There should be no tolerance anywhere for West’s anti-Semitism. This is a moment in history where the stakes are high and being open about our values, and living them, is essential. Silence and inaction are not an option. Apple and Spotify should stop streaming West’s music. ”

Endeavor CEO Ari Emanuel
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Endeavor CEO Ari Emanuel

Most of West’s behavior has been dismissed for a long time, citing mental illness, given that he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder after he was hospitalized in 2016, however, mental illness is not an excuse to spread hatred, racism, or anti-Semitism.

Kanye West is not just any person — he is a pop culture icon, for some reason because I think his music sucks, with millions of sheeple around the world. And among them are very young susceptible people whose views are still being formed, this is why it is necessary for all of us to speak out. Hatred and anti-Semitism should have absolutely no place in our society, no matter how much money there is at stake.

JPMorgan Reportedly Terminates Relationship With West

On October 12, the conservative influencer and political commentator, Candace Owens shared a letter on Twitter that shows JPMorgan allegedly closed Kanye West’s bank accounts. The hip-hop star and rapper has been accused of making antisemitic statements in recent times, and some of his tweets have been removed from Twitter.

You know when somebody sucks so bad when the banks don’t even want their money right? When a bank tells you to take your billions of dollars and to go find another bank to put it in, you are awarded the “Worst Person In The World” award.

Where is cancel culture when it’s needed?

With so many people getting canceled over one or two things they may have said or posted online these days it’s amazing that West is even still making stupid decisions and hasn’t crawled into a dark hole like the rest of the canceled people out there. Seems that whenever somebody gets hit by cancel culture, you never really hear from them again. But not Kanye, he just keeps going and going.

Kanye West and Kim split probably because she didn’t want to end up getting canceled along with him. Kanye West wife Kim Kardashian ended up with SNL star Pete Davidson and Davidson was so funny poking fun at West with his Instagram posts.

Then we have the Kanye West Gigi story, West calls Gigi Hadid a ‘privileged Karen’ and ‘zombie’ amid their social media battle. LOL!

The list just goes on and on, and so does he. I mean when he dawned on that shirt with “White Lives Matter” printed on the back, that should have had him committed to a mental hospital. This weirdo needs to be locked away from society. He needs to have his celebrity platform taken away from him so he can’t be an influencer to younger generations and the idiots that follow him.

Just banning him from Twitter, Facebook, and Kanye West Instagram won’t keep his racist ass out of the spotlight. The media needs to stop giving him a platform. I don’t mean to stop reporting on him, I mean stop letting him be on a platform and allowing him to speak.

What’s your take on this nut job? Post your answers in the comments below.

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