Lack Of Sleep
Crazy how just 2 hours of Lack Of Sleep after a time change really burns you out. #CantSleep #Burnout
Lack Of Sleep
Lack Of Sleep after a time change is burning me out

Lack of sleep sucks right after daylight savings

Lack Of Sleep

Up late last night and ended up losing a couple of hours of sleep. Normally I wouldn’t feel this bad for just 2 hours of lack of sleep and if I did it would have been because of my sleep apnea. But since I’ve been using the CPAP Machine the sleep apnea has been at bay for a while.

We just had a time change (DST), so my internal clock is all messed up in addition to losing almost 2 hours of sleep from staying up late, must be the cause of why I feel so exhausted and run down today. Right?

That’s all I can think of that makes sense. It’s these time changes that seem to always get me too. I hate the fact that we still do this. I wish they would get rid of this outdated system. It doesn’t serve its purpose anymore.

This essentially explains why there won’t be much great content in this post. The public might prefer to read this instead. Maybe people enjoy reading random dribble that comes out of my head and that I type out as I ramble on in my head like I am doing right now. The statistics for tomorrow will reveal whether I’m on to something here and whether this is a good break to increase traffic to my website.

I could ramble on about the weather. It’s getting windy outside right now and we’re expecting to get hit by a nasty noreaster that’s going to dump about 20 centimeters on us. And I’ll be dammed if I’ll be removing any snow tonight in my current condition. I wouldn’t have the energy.

I’m lacking the energy so badly that tonight’s supper is going to consist of a box of spicy macaroni and egg salad, with deep-fried egg rolls and Mozzarella Cheese Sticks. Sounds good right? I know, it sounds yummy. It better be.

That’s it. That’s all I have in me today. Nobody else here has anything to post about either, so we’re sorry about that. This is what lack of sleep does to a person right after a time change.


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