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The True Laws and Rules Around Home Surveillance Cameras in Canada

Home Surveillance Laws In Canada Explained, Again.

Home Surveillance

So there are some still ranting and raving about how Home Surveillance, like residential security cameras on residential properties, are to be used and it seems we have to explain it again. The instigators out there in the world still seem to think that they have to give permission to be recorded in a public space. In short, they are very wrong.

The only time you need to provide consent is if you are in a place where you have reasonable expectations of privacy (an example would be taking a dump on the toilet, rubbing one out to porn in a closed room, or getting screwed in your bed). Standing on somebody’s property screaming your head off, yelling and screaming out in the middle of a street, hollering so loud the entire neighborhood can hear you are all places where you CAN NOT be in a place and have an expectation of privacy.

But don’t take my word for it, listen to what this actual Canadian privacy lawyer has to say.

Home Servalence Camera Laws In A Nutshell

Why Are We Posting This Information Again?

Mac's Opinion - The place where everyone is entitled to my opinion
Home Surveillance

Well, let’s address the elephant in the room.

We have been dealing with our neighbors Bonny and Clyde and all of their Minions over the use of our residential survalence cameras that we have mounted around our home and we also have signs indicating that they are in use.

We’ve had these in place for a few years now. Bonny and Clyde didn’t have an issue with them up until a few weeks ago. They even asked us to check our footage to see if anyone was around their car, which happens to be in the camera’s field of view, to see if it caught the person who slashed their tires. So in this case they welcomed the cameras because it benefited them.

Fast forwarding to about two to three weeks ago a month or so after we all had a falling out over their dogs trampling through our property, they were caught acting like idiots. They were caught on camera breaking the law, an indictable offense of uttering threats. They continued to do so on a daily basis. All caught on camera. Without getting into details, we’ll just leave it at, “Waiting for the Crown to call and say it’s been served.”



So the issue we are having really has nothing to do with the laws of Home Surveillance, the issue is that we are all surrounded by idiots who have a problem when our home Home Surveillance catches them doing or saying stupid shit.

Seriously though, how dumb can a person be to knowingly yell and scream at a security camera saying and uttering death threats, slander, defamation, and sexual harassment, and then trespass onto private property to bang on a door to yell and scream even more profanity and threats?

As we mentioned, this is not a Home Surveillance Camera issue, it’s Idiots doing Idiotic shit in front of them and getting caught being the issue here.

So yeah, this has been a trying time for us and the moderators here on this site and the rest of our accounts.
(moderator: It’s affecting us moderators the most.)

Disclaimer, because of Idiots: All characters and events on this blog — even those based on real people — are entirely fictional. All voices are impersonated… poorly. The following language contains coarse language and due to its content, it should not be viewed by everyone.

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