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I just finished watching the HBO Special, Leaving Neverland. My thoughts, well, I think these two are full of shit. I’ve wasted 4 hours watching a one-sided story. How can you make a documentary like this and only get one side of the story? Especially when the guy they’re accusing is dead and can’t fend for himself?

HBO’s Documentary Special that claims Michael Jackson began long-running relationships with two boys, aged 7 and 10, and their families. Now in their 30s, they tell their one-sided story of how they were sexually abused by Jackson.

The whole time when they were talking about defending MJ in court by lying about him sexually assaulting them and now they’re on TV saying they lied in court willingly and knowingly twice, shouldn’t they be both charged for contempt or something? They took an oath to tell the whole truth.

Out of the hundreds and hundreds of children that he had visit that place, why only these two speaking out? I believe it’s to further their careers. After all, MJ’s fame got them both to where they are now. The Moms especially. Oh yeah, let’s talk about the Moms! If a grown ass man asks for your 7-year-old boy to sleep in bed with them, you say, “no. Absolutely not!” And if this is something that really happened, the mothers should be charged with child endangerment. So I don’t believe this really happened IMO.

And I know there were two other people who made claims about him molesting them but they got what they wanted, “Money.” Those allegations I believe were about money and nothing else.

Why the hell didn’t HBO have a few of the other 100 kids that visited there tell their stories, with Either more accusations or to defend Michael Jackson? If they had, then one could make a better opinion on the show and on what could have really happened, but all we got was a one-sided story with nobody there to dispute the accusations. I’m sure there were, but for some reason, HBO didn’t include them. And there were because there was a petition to stop HBO from airing it.

Check out this thread about how Cory Feldman tells his story about his time in Neverland. He has come out in the past publically about being molested as a child, so why would he lie about MJ being a kind person?

I think this whole documentary was unfair to a great pop star who can’t defend himself. HBO could have at least added another side of the story.

I should also mention that, no, I am not a fanboy. I didn’t really listen to his work. He was talented, but his genre of music wasn’t something I was into at the time.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you believe the two guys in the documentary?

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