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So I just read that retailers are starting to ditch their self-checkouts due to a few unhappy self-righteous customers.

Look, I get the whole keep the human employed movement, but sometimes other humans who are in a hurry and only have one item to purchase still would like the convenience of using a quick and easy self-checkout, instead of having to stand in line behind an 8 family members worth of groceries in the shopping cart of the customer in front of them.

I don’t think they should be abandoning them. Instead, they should restrict them for use for customers who have 1 – 5 items to purchase. They should also adopt the Cueing lineup. (Oromocto Atlantic Superstore, I’m looking at you.) A queuing line would speed things up a great deal. All customers would wait in one line and wait for the next available checkout.

And I’m probably going to get flack for this but I don’t care, It’s just my opinion and you’re entitled to it. For the people who don’t get tech, stay away from the self-checkouts. OR, have a friend who knows how to use them show you. Don’t attempt to use it on your own for the first time if you don’t get the concept of technology. You will just be the problem again.

I’m still for employing people for helping us spend our money on overpriced groceries. If people aren’t employed, they aren’t contributing to the communities with their tax deductions from their paychecks. They wouldn’t be paying into Pensions, and employment insurance. Things that can only exist with the working people.

So that’s just my two cents worth.
What do you think? Are you a self-checkout user, or do you think they should be met with a sledgehammer? And why?

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