Logan Paul and KSI's Prime drink
People go insane for Logan Paul and KSI's Prime Drink in Aldi stores - absolutely insane! #PrimeDrink #LoganPaul #KSI
Logan Paul and KSI's Prime drink
Logan Paul and KSI’s Prime drink

What’s in Logan Paul and KSI’s Prime Drink That Makes People Stupid?

Logan Paul and KSI's Prime drink

The release of a drink Prime created by two YouTube stars has sparked chaotic scenes at a few UK supermarkets.

Prime is a so-called, sports drink promoted as a “naturally flavored beverage with 10% coconut water, BCAAs, antioxidants, and electrolytes” and they come in a number of different flavors. It is created and marketed by Prime Hydration, a company founded by YouTubers Logan Paul and JJ Olatunji (known as KSI).

The duo has a combined YouTube following of almost 40 million sheeple and was previously linked by their bromance rivalry in the boxing ring.

Prime first went on sale in Asda stores way back in October, when customers were restricted to just three bottles each. Aldi sent out a tweet that it would be selling the bottles for £1.99 as part of a promotion on Thursday, adding that their stock would be limited and would not immediately be replenished anytime soon.

The tweet ended up getting hundreds of replies from sheeple eager to know exactly what time the drinks would be delivered to stores – a good indication of just how crazy the day would end up being.

Watch this video of how crazy people got

People going crazy over Prime Drink

Why are people making these morons even richer?

This is a great example of just how stupid people are and why the human race is doomed! People go absolutely bat-shat crazy and stupid In Aldi stores across the UK over Logan Paul and KSI’s Prime energy drink and act like animals trying to buy up the crappy sugar water. Kinda makes you wonder what’s in that garbage to cause people to behave like animals

Is Prime actually healthier than Gatorade?

The drinks are wildly popular, available in many Walmart locations throughout the U.S., and are promoted as a healthier alternative to sugary sports nutrition products like Gatorade and Liquid IV. But is Prime actually healthier than Gatorade?

Let’s review every ingredient in Prime based on actual medical studies and see whether it’s actually as healthy as the brand claims.


Prime drink ingredients
Prime drink ingredients
  • Filtered water is the first ingredient on the list, and is a good choice for a sports nutrition drink since water is the most hydrating ingredient in any drink really.
  • Coconut water is also a good option for a hydration drink as it’s both rich in electrolytes and nutritious according to studies.

    These two ingredients are completely fine to consume, but Prime contains a host of other questionable additive ingredients that are recommended to avoid.
  • Citric acid is a preservative and flavor enhancer typically manufactured from a fungus and shown in medical case reports to cause whole-body inflammation in a small subset of patients.
  • Sucralose is an artificial sweetener shown to negatively impact insulin function in healthy adults in a clinical trial published in the Nutrition Journal.
  • Acesulfame potassium is another artificial sweetener in Prime, and it’s been found in clinical studies to have negative effects on the gut and negative effects on the brain.
  • Natural flavor is a loosely regulated term that fails to describe the specific flavoring agents used. There are documented toxicity concerns related to some flavoring agents.

And the scary list continues on, but even the last four listed here are enough to tell you that this drink is not all that healthy for you.



People are idiots and they support these idiots and make them even more wealthy. Buying this sh*t simply because they are YouTube morons just makes them seem smart. They prey on the weak-minded people out there and they know what they are doing. Some would say they are smart because they are making millions from their marketing, but I say they’re predators taking advantage of their audiences.

People need to stop supporting these influencers. Stop being brainwashed by their marketing tactics. They’ve been caught with their foot in their mouths so many times, yet the sheeple continue to follow these jerks and support their greed and just keep making them richer and richer. I just don’t get it!

I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised when later on down the road lawsuits start popping up over their PRIME Drink because people are getting severely ill, having major health complications due to the drink, or dying from it. And I bet that even THEN, the sheeple will still have their noses up their asses.

There, that’s my rant about this stupidity. Do you agree? Post your comments below.

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